About Us

What is Talk for Scooter?

Welcome to Talkforscooter, the skater’s kingdom. The site is operated by a group of experts and professional skaters. It’s created with a vision to help people who love skating and want to learn about it more. Here in Talkforscooter, you’ll find different types of skateboards, longboard, hoverboards, etc., and their accessories with the expert’s suggestion.

We’ll guide you to the best one based on your budget and requirements from a massive collection of skateboards, longboards, or hoverboards. Making your shopping easier with the right product is our main target to create this site.

Our Mission

Currently, more than 85 million people worldwide do skating, and the number is increasing gradually. But when you search for any tips and guidelines on the internet, you’ll find very little information regarding this. That’s why we created this site Talkforscooter to guide people with adequate information about skating and its accessories and other necessary details.

To provide them with proper information, we completed every single task in a systematic and well-organized process. We divided our job into different sections and assigned our team members into various departments based on their skills and knowledge.

Our research team starts with market research, identifies the core features of the product. And, then the expert team analyzes the product and market, and finally, the writing team writes an in-detail review of our analyzed product.

Meet The Team

Michael Burnley

Michael is the owner and an editor of this site, Talkforscooter. He’s a very popular skating athlete in his country. Michael started skating from his childhood when he was only ten years old. Now it’s been 17 years since he’s been skating.

The reason behind creating this site is to help people who want to learn about skating, skateboarding, and its accessories. Before creating this site, Michael did some surveys on skating and skateboards, and he discovered that there is very little information available on the internet regarding this.

That’s motivating him to create this site, to share his experience and knowledge with the people who want to learn about skating, skateboards, and their accessories.

Bernard R. Rambo

Bernard is the chief editor of our site Talkforscooter. He’s also a very popular sportsperson. There’re more than 100+ awards Bernard won in his skating career. Besides sports, he’s also an adviser to a renowned skateboard manufacturing industry. We didn’t find anyone better than him when it’s about skating, skateboard, longboard, hoverboard, etc.

Because of his expert knowledge, skill, and experience, we make him the leader of our specialist team. Under his command, the team executes their research and analyzing process.

Allen T. Collazo

Allen is the penman of our site Talkforscooter. He’s also the head of our writing panel. Before joining us, Allen worked for six renowned magazine firms and writing agencies. He has more than ten years of experience in writing, and he knows very well how to make things simple and more accessible for the audience.

How We Make the Best Product Reviews?

Researching The Product And Its Market

To provide you with the best product currently available in the market, our research team thoroughly investigates the market’s novelties. And they also figure out the top products of the best brands.

Key Features Identification

Once the research team prepares the list of popular products of the best brands, we analyze the product to identify their core features. Because most of the features that different brands offer are not essential for the users.

They are adding those features to accelerate the product price. Therefore our team identified the core features of the product and divided them according to their main characteristics.

Product Selection

By identifying the core features  of products, we already make the separation of the products that we primarily listed. To narrow down the list, we focus on the best selling products of the most popular brand that are loved by its users. Through this we select our final product for further investigation.

Review Analysis

Now that we have the list of top quality products of the best brand, we started studying the reviews of those products. To check the genuine buyer’s reviews of those products, we have developed an advanced system that detects unnatural reviews. By analyzing the studies of genuine buyers, we get an idea of the real-life experience of these products.

Ranking The Product

After completing the market research and core features identification, we got a list of so many products. Through product ranking, our expert team can decide which one is the best among all these.

We score every product based on its features, function, quality, and price in the product ranking. The product that gets a high score gets the top rank. And, we only cover the top-ranked product on our site to ensure you always get the best product.

Writing Reviews

Once the expert team completed their analyzing task they handed the research data to the writing team. Writing team studies the overall findings and writes in-detail reviews of the research product.

Buying Guide

Our buying guide is the total suggestion of our overall findings and research data. By using our buying guide, you’ll find the best product within your budget and requirements.

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