How Tight Should Skateboard Wheels Be? (4 Shocking Secrets)

Skateboards have become widely popular in the last few years, with special skateboard parks popping up in cities worldwide. It takes a lot of practice to perfect the ride, but you must set the board correctly before that. Having the right wheel tightness is a crucial factor to consider as it plays a vital role in the smoothness.

If you’re struggling to set up the right level of tightness to your skateboard wheels, this discussion will surely set you up. We’ll help you understand how tight should skateboard wheels be and how to adjust. Let’s discuss the most crucial things you must know to get your skateboard ready to hit the road without being too loose or too tight.

How Tight Should Skateboard Wheels Be?

Wheels are the most important part of a skateboard, as all movements depend on them. Today, there are numerous wheel designs for skateboard trucks in various styles, prints, and colors. Skaters choose the wheels not only to match their aesthetics but also because wheels largely impact their stunts’ flow and success rate.

How Tight Should Skateboard Wheels Be

There have been many debates about how tight should skateboard wheels be for maximum speed and consistent flow. Most people would say that the tighter the wheels are, the better, but truly, it depends on the person.

Depending on the skater’s style and their experience, along with their preference, the skateboard wheels and bearings may be tightened or loosened. Given below is a comparison between loose and tight Skateboard wheels, through which you may decide which one is suitable for you:

1. Speed

Tight skateboard trucks allow higher speed with better control as compared to loose skateboard wheels.

2. Stability

When the wheels of the skateboard touch the board, it causes a wheel bite. This may cause the skater to stumble or fall and end up hurting themself. A tighter skateboard will not have this problem and thus offers more stability. A loose skateboard is more susceptible to wheel bite and may cause the skater to lose balance and attain injury.

3. Landing

While performing tricks, jumps, or stunts on a skateboard, it is integral to ace the landing. A loose skateboard allows easier and a more balanced landing as compared to a tight skateboard.

4. Flow and Flexibility

Performing tricks and jumps on a skateboard is the ultimate goal of any skater. A loose skateboard allows effortless maneuverability so that the skater can make turns and jumps as they wish. A skateboard with tight wheels, on the other hand, limits maneuverability, and the skates are unable to make any jumps.

Skaters should also take into consideration the type of skating they are doing when deciding on how tight should skateboard wheels be. If the skater is simply cruising and plans to do no special stunts, then a loose-wheeled skateboard is the better option as it allows better maneuverability and quick turns. If the skater plans to go downhill or skate in a skate part, then a tight skateboard is preferable as it allows higher speed and better control.

How Long Should Skateboard Wheels Spin For?

It takes some time for breaking in before a skater can find the perfect balance between tightness and looseness of the wheels. New skateboard wheels may spin for 10 seconds at best, but after a few rides, the spin time may extend to half a minute. One thing that needs to be remembered is that it is better to have skateboard wheels and bearings that make minimum sounds but spin for a few seconds compared to rattling wheels that go on for a minute.

How Long Should Skateboard Wheels Spin

If the wheels of the skateboard rattle when you ride it, it is better to tighten the skateboard. If it is difficult to push the boards when you take them out on a spin, loosen the wheels. The most important thing is finding the perfect balance.

Tips To Avoid Over-Tightening Skateboard Wheels

There isn’t a scale for the perfect tightness of skateboard wheels. It is all about each individual’s preference. If your skateboard feels stiff and hard to ride, then you should loosen the wheels a bit until they start to flow freely. The method of loosening the wheels is to turn them counterclockwise one at a time and then give them a free spin. Keep adjusting the wheels until they match your taste and comfort.

What Is The Ideal Time To Replace My Skateboard Wheels?

A skateboard wears out with time. The degree of weariness depends upon how often the skateboard is used. Change the tires of a skateboard every two to three months, but that also depends on how much it has been used.

A skateboard that has rarely been taken out for a spin may last far longer. On the other hand, a skateboard that is frequently used for hours daily may require its wheels to be changed even every month.

Last them longer

One way to make the wheels of your skateboard last longer is to clean them and swap them. Swapping the wheels of a skateboard allows equal and consistent wearing out on both sides compared to the wheels on one side being in perfect condition, while the wheels on the other side are completely worn out.

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Final advice

To conclude, the wheels are the most important part of a skateboard and, thus, should be well maintained and taken care of. The skater must find a balance between the tight skateboard and loose skateboard, as well as soft skateboard wheels and hard skateboard wheels when they’re deciding how tight should skateboard wheels be. It mainly depends on the skill and preference of the skater and also on where they intend to skate. There is no set formula to finding the perfect skateboard trucks. It’s something every skater figures out through experience.

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