Complete Fingerboard Tricks List Over 100 Tricks

A beginner who just gets his feet wet in the fingerboarding looks for the fingerboard tricks list. It’s because they have no ABC knowledge on this. The list will tell them what trick they should learn first to start their adventure in fingerboarding.

Fortunately, we made a list of 100 fingerboard tricks for beginners like you. It includes every type of trick from easy to hard. And the best part is- we broke down the three easiest fingerboard tricks at the end. As a result, you can dive into the fingerboarding world right away.

Without further ado, let’s explore the 100 fingerboard tricks.

Complete Fingerboard Tricks List

Here is the complete list of fingerboard tricks you should learn about.

Fingerboard Tricks List

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  1. Ollie: Ollie is the easiest fingerboard trick, yet the base or foundation for every trick you will learn. It’s a trick by popping down the board’s tail with your back fingers (typically the middle finger).
  2. Nollie: It’s similar to ollie. What you need to do to perform this trick is- just use your front fingers instead of your back finger to pop down the board’s tail.
  3. Fakie Ollie: You can consider this trick the simplest version of the ollie. There is no difference between ollie and fakie ollie regarding finger placement. What makes fakie ollie different from the ollie is- you need to roll the board backward when ollie requires spinning the board forward.
  4. Fakie Nollie: It’s the same as nollie. The only difference is you need to pop down the board nail’s in the opposite direction with the front finger.
  5. 180 Ollie: This trick is also similar to ollie. How you end or level out will make the distinction. To perform 180 ollie, just slide your pointer finger towards the nose while pulling your hand continuously in the direction of the spin. The following tutorial will help you master this trick.
  1. 360 Ollie: Do the way you perform the ollie and end the trick by rotating the board fully.
  2. 540 Ollie: Perform an ollie and spin the board with a full and half rotation.
  3. 720 Ollie: Do and end the ollie by spinning the board two full rotations.
  4. 900 Ollie: Perform the ollie and end the trick by spinning the board two and a half rotations.
  5. 1080 Ollie: Perform the ollie and spin your fingerboard three full rotations.
  6. Nollie Spins: Pop down the board’s nait using the front finger and perform any of these spins like 180, 360, 900, or 1080.
  7. Ollie North & South: The finger placement of this trick is the same as Ollie. To perform the ollie north, do the ollie and flick the pointer finger off the nose forward. On the other hand, perform the ollie and ensure you lift your middle finger away from the fingerboard and land using the index finger to do the South ollie.
  8. Super Nollie: The super nollie is a trick similar to the nollie, which involves landing the fingerboard on two rear wheels and riding out in a tail manual.
  9. Nollie Flip: Nollie flip is same as the nollie. So, it’s worth learning nollie first. Then, what you need to do is- pop your fingerboard with the front or index finger and flick the board with the middle finger. If you want to master this trick, you may find this tutorial handy.
  1. Wallie: The finger placement for this trick will be the same as an ollie. What you need is to get a wallride feature. Then, place the finger on the deck as you usually do when performing an ollie. Speed up the trick a little bit and pop down the tail to let the front wheel hit the wall, which bounces up the board. Then, ride the board as you tackle the ramp and level out your ollie. To understand this trick well, check the video below.
  1. Shove-It: It is one of the simple fingerboard tricks that you can do without learning ollie. Just keep your back or middle finger on the edge of your board’s tail and the front on the middle of the board. Now, use only the back finger for this trick and pop down the tail using the finger. Then, use the same finger to slide or spin the board towards you. Finally, land the board using both front and back fingers.
  2. Pop Shove-It: This trick is similar to the Shove-It. The only thing you need to do is to reach the board to a greater height like you fly the board over an obstacle.
  3. 360 Shove-It: Do the same thing as you usually do for performing shove-it. The extra part you need to do is only flick the board a bit harder with your back finger.
  4. Shove-It Underflip: After performing the shove-it, just keep your middle or back finger under your hand and make it curled up. Let the board spin 180 and flick the deck’s bottom in the middle of the heelside rail to flip the fingerboard.
  5. Shove-It Rewind: Perform the shove-it trick. The difference is you should land the board on the nose heavy. So, when you see the board is spinning under your fingers, don’t forget to bring your hand forward to catch the fingerboard with the front finger over the nose. When landing the board, just use the front finger to press the nose down and do a frontside revert.
  6. Impossible: In this trick, you should place the fingers the way you keep them on the board while doing shove-it. Then, do an Ollie and allow the fingerboard to backflip over your fingers.
  7. Dustin Impossible: Perform the ollie and press the nose of your fingerboard down with the middle finger for a front flip.
  8. Double Impossible: It’s like you perform the impossible trick. Just press the tail down with your back finger harder than you do when performing a regular impossible trick. Then, remove your front finger and curl up your ring finger to let the board flip freely. Finally, scoop the back finger under to flip the board again after one rotation.
  9. Hardflip: It’s an advanced trick that combines both half backflip and heelflip. To master this trick, you must learn these tricks as well:
  • Kickflip
  • Front side pop shuvit
  • Frontside kickflip

We recommend you watch the following video to learn this trick.

  1. Hardflip Rewind: It’s a trick like a hardflip. But you should also perform both a front flip and heelflip.
  2. Double hard flip: In this trick, you require the same speed as the hardflip trick requires but with more pop and a harder flick. In other words, you need to perform a full backflip and double heelflip.
  3. One wheel ollie: Lift the board up on one of the back wheels by pressing down on one pocket of the tail with your back finger. Now, perform the regular ollie.
  4. Kickflip: It’s a fingerboard trick that requires you to do an ollie. Then, use your front finger to catch the nose to spin the board toward you in a single rotation.
  5. Double Kickflip: This trick is similar to the kickflip but needs to complete with two rotations.
  6. Triple Kickflip: It’s a trick like a kickflip or double kickflip, which requires more pop to complete the trick with three rotations.
  7. Varial Kickflip: This fingerboard trick combines both a kickflip and a shove-it. If you want to learn this trick, this tutorial will come in handy.
  8. Late Flip: It’s a bit more tricky than the regular kickflip. Do an ollie and level it out. When you level out the ollie, flick the board’s rail with the back finger to start a flip.
  9. Kickflip Underflip: This trick is similar to kickflip. Just the extra thing you need to perform is- you should keep the front finger off the side. When the board comes around, flick the rail’s underside to flip the fingerboard back the other way. Now, catch the board the way you seize up a heelflip.
  10. Thumb flip: This fingerboard trick requires you to use your thumb instead of the middle or index finger to flip the board.
  11. Heelflip: A heelflip is similar to kickflip. But what makes this fingerboard trick different is- you need to end up the trick by rotating the board away from you. The following video will help you learn how to perform this trick.
  1. Varial Heelflip: Begin with the shove-it trick but ends with a heelflip by flicking the board out.
  2. 360 Varial heelflip (Lazer flip): The fingerboard trick is similar to the varial heelflip. But the end of this trick is different. You need to spin the board fully or 360 instead of half rotation (180). If you find this description a bit hard to understand, the following video will make it easy.
  1. Walk The Dog: This trick is like the fakie flip. It means you need to flip the board 180. You should place your front finger over the board the whole time and land the board in fakie with the back finger. When landing, ensure you keep the back finger over the tail. Repeat this as much as you can.
  2. 360 Flip: It’s the trick that combines both half a kickflip and a backflip.
  3. Full Cab: Fly your fingerboard in the air and do a 360 while riding fakie.
  4. Half Cab: It’s similar to the full cab but you should perform 180 in the air instead of 360.
  5. Knuckler: A fingerboard trick that requires you to perform a high ollie and hit the tail of the board when flying in the air. Then, let the board roll over your knuckles and roll off your fingers to land the board.
  6. Superman: Another fingerboard trick that requires you to perform a very high ollie. Then, keep your back finger on the board. Ensure you stick your front and ring fingers down in the air before landing the board.
  7. Flapjack: This trick is similar to the knuckler. The only difference is you need to flip the fingerboard toward your thumb instead of spinning the board off your fingers.
  8. Air Walk: Just do a high ollie and move your fingers as you walk in the air.
  9. Nose Grab AirWalk: This fingerboard trick is the same as the airwalk. The only different thing you need to do is to keep your thumb under the nose of the board.
  10. Backflip: Just slap the tail of your fingerboard hard enough to flip the board backward fully.
  11. Front flip: Strike the nose of your fingerboard hard enough to flip the board forward fully.
  12. Half flip: Slap either the nose or the tail of your fingerboard. Then, use your fingers to catch the board once you complete half of the back or front flip.
  13. Surface backflip: Just keep the rear wheels on a higher surface than the front wheels, do an Ollie, and perform the backflip while leveling out the board with the front wheels on the elevated surface.
  14. Surface Frontflip: The position of the wheels will be just the opposite of performing a surface backflip. It means you need to place the front wheels on a higher surface than the rear wheels. Then, perform a nollie and do the frontflip while landing with the rear or back wheels on the elevated surface.
  15. 180 No Comply: In this trick, you must keep the index finger away from the board when you start the fingerboard trick. Instead of using the front finger, you need to use the back finger to pop the board while bringing it toward you to rotate the board half.
  16. Benihana: Perform a high ollie and take the fingers of the fingerboard while using only the thumb to support and land the board.
  17. Frontside boneless: Perform the nollie off a ledge and rotate the board 180 degrees.
  18. Remote flip: It’s similar to shove-it, but holds the back finger on the board.
  19. Crossbone: Perform an ollie at 45-degree and place the thumb on the nose of your board.
  20. Manual: The manual fingerboard trick is a type of trick that requires you to press the board’s tail down, which will lift up the front wheels from the ground. And when the front wheels come off the ground, you need to ride the board balancing on the rear wheels.
  21. Nose manual: It’s the opposite of a manual trick. In other words, you should ride the board on the front wheels only.
  22. Uni wheeler: Just skating your fingerboard on one wheel only.
  23. Super Flip: Strike the tail of your board and perform one backflip but no fingers will remain on the board. Then, land the board by catching the grip tape of the fingerboard.
  24. Ike Flip: Star with doing a half-ollie impossible and end with a kickflip with your middle or back finger.
  25. Inward heelflip: This is a trick like shove-it but you need to perform the heelflip at the same time.
  26. Outward heelflip: Perform the shove-it away from you when doing a heelflip.
  27. Compton spin: Move your board in a nollie stance and pop your fingerboard 90 degrees by keeping your back finger away from the board. Lastly, perform a heelflip and land the board using your back finger.
  28. Flat flip: Ollie on a wall ride and do the impossible trick when you are still wall riding the board.
  29. Wheel Slide: It’s a trick that requires you to move the fingerboard sideways to slide on wheels instead of rolling.
  30. Hand plant: Fly your board off the ramp, catch the board using both back and front fingers, and press on the ramp with the thumb at the same time.
  31. Fastplant: Do an ollie and catch the board right off the bat and let the board go right away.
  32. Mute: Hold the board by placing your thumb on the top and your index finger on the bottom.
  33. Method: It’s the opposite trick of Mute to grab the fingerboard. Just place the index finger on the top and the thumb on the bottom.
  34. Tail: This grabbing trick requires you to keep the thumb on the top of the fingerboard and the middle finger on the bottom of the tail.
  35. Nose: Just place your thumb on the bottom of the nose and make sure you keep the index finger on the top of the nose to grab the board.
  36. Indy grab: In this board grabbing technique, you should place your thumb on the top of the fingerboard and the middle or back finger on the bottom.
  37. Sacktap: Perform an ollie and use your index finger and the ring ringer to grab the board before landing.
  38. Carve: It’s a grinding trick that requires you to make a big, quick, and tight turn on the vertical ramp.
  39. Rail Walk: Just fly your fingerboard off a vertical ramp and perform the walk the dog trick across coping.
  40. 50-50: It’s a grinding technique where you should grind the fingerboard with both trucks on the rail.
  41. Slammin Grind: It’s similar to the 50-50 but ensures you roll the front right wheel on the rail.
  42. Stomach Slide: Perform both the ollie and a heelflip. Then, grind the board on the grip tape.
  43. Spine Slide: It’s like the Stomach slide but you should grind on the grip tape in a 50-50 style.
  44. Nasal slide: It’s a grinding technique where you need to grind the board on the screws near the board’s nose after performing an ollie and a half kickflip.
  45. Pelvis slide: Same as the nasal slide. The only difference is you need to grind on the screws close to the board’s tail.
  46. Tail grind: The grinding process involves grinding the board on the back truck while the front part of the board remains in the air.
  47. Nose grind: It’s the opposite of the tail grind, where you should grind the board on the front truck when the back part of the fingerboard remains in the air.
  48. Salad grind: Do a tail grind crooked.
  49. Boardslide: In this trick, both front and back trucks will remain in the air and you should grind on the bottom of the fingerboard.
  50. Smith grind: It’s a grinding technique that needs you to do a tail grind when the front truck should rub on the side.
  51. Darkslide: Place your front and ring fingers on the grip tape and the middle one between the trucks. Now, grind your fingerboard on the center of the grip tape.
  52. Bluntside: This is a fingerboard grinding technique that requires grinding on the board’s tail and wheels while the nose of the board will remain in the air.
  53. Kasper Bluntside: It’s basically an upside-down bluntslide to grind the board on the grip tape.
  54. Primo Grind: Grind your board like the 50-50 but on your board’s side.
  55. Nose Primo grind: It’s like the promo grind but ensure you rub the side with the nose wheels.
  56. Feeble grind: Grind the way you boardslide but make sure one of the back wheels and one of the front wheels touch the rail.
  57. Rail to Rail: Perform an ollie off a rail but land and grind on the second rail.
  58. Rocket Tailslide: Do a tailslide while holding the board’s nose using the thumb and the front fingers.
  59. Hurricane Grind: Begin with a 50-50 grind but turn the board out to grind only on the back truck.
  60. Ghetto Slide: Perform a dark slide by keeping the front and the back fingers on the front wheels.
  61. Benihana Casper: Position your board in the form of a benihana slide and perform the Casper.
  62. Nosestall: Do a stall on the vert ramp’s coping on the nose of your fingerboard.
  63. BluntStall: It’s similar to a nose stall but you should stall on the vert ramp’s coping with the tail.

What Is The Easiest Trick To Do On A Fingerboard?

Above, we mentioned the list of 100 fingerboard tricks that includes every type of trick ranging from easy, medium, and hard.

As a beginner who just gets his or her feet wet in the fingerboarding, maybe they don’t know what’s the easiest or the hardest trick.

So, we break down the 3 easiest fingerboard tricks here you should start with at the beginning.

01. Shove-it

It’s the easiest trick anyone can master by trying it several times. Just use your finger on the tail and scoop it towards you. And try to catch the board when it gets 90 or not 90.


In other words, you just need to turn the board all with the back finger, get the front finger out of the way, and scoop it around.

02. Ollie

Ollie is the second simplest yet fundamental trick you should learn. Place your back finger on the edge of the fingerboard and the front finger somewhere in the center of the board.

Secondly, roll the board forward to ollie. In the beginning, you may try out without rolling the board. Then, press the board’s tail down using the back finger to pop the board up in the air.


Make sure you keep both fingers on the board all the time. Let the board fly in the air at its initial pop and guide it with your two fingers. Finally, let the board land on every four wheels.

03. Tre flip

Tre flip is the third easiest trick on the list. It’s a combination of 360 pop shuvit and a kickflip.

Tre flip

Hang off your back finger a little bit behind the back four bolts and the front finger behind the front four bolts. When you do this trick, pop and pull your middle finger towards you in a scooping motion.

This will turn the board 360 while flipping the board and doing a tre flip.

Final Words

Fingerboarding is a fun indoor game. You can feel the thrill of skateboarding by playing this game. And this list of 100 tricks we mentioned will help you get into the fingerboarding world right away.

We suggest you start with the easiest or fundamental tricks like an ollie, shove-it, and the tre flip. Once you master these tricks, move forward to learn more complex fingerboard tricks.

Make sure you bookmark the fingerboard tricks list so that you can come back to this article to learn new tricks after mastering the basic tricks.

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