10 Best Fingerboard Reviews In 2023 From Top Fingerboard Brands!

Fingerboards are fun, especially when you don’t feel like going outside with your skateboard. The sport lets you mimic and practice skateboard stunts- on a smaller scale of course! But like it is with skateboards, you need to be extra careful while choosing the best fingerboard too. And that’s where the trouble begins for most fingerboard enthusiasts.

With so many fingerboard options available nowadays, figuring out the one that works for your style can be tricky. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best fingerboards from ten different brands to help make your decision a little bit easier.

I’ll walk you through each product and discuss how they give you that precision control you’re looking for. Also, this article will work as a all-in beginners guide just in case you’ve stumbled upon fingerboards for the first time and need the push to start your own journey. So, let’s get to it!

Welcome To The Basics Of Tech Deck Mania!

Wondering what the heck is a fingerboard? Well, fingerboard is a game hobby that involves using your fingers to maneuver a small skateboard replica on a miniature skatepark built for finger skaters. It’s similar to skateboarding in the sense that you can use your fingerboard to do “tricks” but also very different. It’s quieter nd smaller with no risks of injury involved.

What is Fingerboarding

These tiny skateboard replicas are typically made of wood, plastic, steel, or zinc alloy and have a deck, trucks, and wheels just like a standard skateboard. A fingerboard ramp includes multiple sections of differing heights and angles that multi-level ramps to allow skaters to perform more advanced tricks.

How To Use A Fingerboard?

Most people use their index and middle fingers to “hold” the board to ride a fingerboard. This can take some practice—you need to be able to balance the board on top of those fingers without dropping it.

Once you’re comfortable balancing on top of your fingers, you’ll be ready to learn how to do tricks. Grinding on rails or ledges and doing ollies are some basic tricks every beginner should learn.

Who Invented Fingerboard?

Although first introduced in the early 1970s as keychain attachments, professional skateboarder Lance Mountain is believed to have invented the first fully functional fingerboard.

In 1985, Mountain performed tricks with his own wooden fingerboard in Powell-Peralta’s “Future Primitive” video. He then gave away some of his handmade fingerboards to kids he saw skateboarding at a pool party.

Mountain’s fingerboard revolutionized the sport by allowing anyone to practice their favorite tricks without going to a skatepark. He helped spread his passion for fingerboarding through competitions, designing his own line of products, and even opening his own fingerboard company.

A Brief History On How Fingerboards Evolved…

Invented during the mid-’80s, the game started to gain popularity in the early 2000s with the rise of the internet. People began sharing videos of themselves doing tricks on fingerboards and quickly developed a following.

As more people became interested in fingerboarding, companies started to pop up that sold fingerboard decks, trucks, wheels, and ramps. This made it easier for people to get into the sport and learn tricks.

In recent years, fingerboarding has become a global phenomenon, with competitions being held worldwide. The World Championships are the biggest and most prestigious event in the fingerboarding community. The competition is held annually and attracts the best fingerboarders from all over the globe.

Should I Get A Fingerboard?

If you love skateboarding, the short answer is- Yes!

Fingerboarding is fun, and it helps you to learn how to skateboard. It can also be a fantastic way to spend your time when you can’t actually go skateboarding. If you’re looking for a way to keep your skills sharp or practice for your next trip to the skate park, fingerboards are a great option.

The following are some of the reasons why you might want to get a fingerboard:

  • It’s a great way to practice your skating skills. You’ll learn the basic hand movements used in skateboarding and get better at them using a fingerboard. This can help make you feel more comfortable when you’re out on the street with friends or ready to go to the park by yourself.
  • Fingerboarding is fun–not only for kids but adults too. There are so many tricks that you can do with just one board – it’s like having your own personal roller coaster right in front of you.

Should I Get a FingerBoard & why

  • It’s easy–there are no complicated rules or moves needed before getting started on this sport. You don’t even need any equipment besides wheels and trucks, which are included with most models nowadays.
  • The miniature skateboards are also portable—most fingerboards are only a few inches long and can easily be carried around in your pocket or backpack. This means you can take them anywhere and have a quick skate session whenever you want.

Table of Contents:

Following is a rundown of everything we’ll be covering.

Comparison Chart:

The chart below showcases a comparative overview of the features of our top ten fingerboards.

NameDeck MaterialDimensionsWheelsAssembly RequiredColor and Graphics
Tech Deck DLX Pro 10-Pack of Collectible FingerboardsABS Plastic96 x 33 mmPolyurethaneNo10 options in a pack
P-REP Starter Complete Wooden Fingerboard5-ply Wood100 x 30 mmPolyurethaneYesSolid Red Color
Etmact Professional Mini Fingerboards5-ply Maple100 x 28 mmPolyurethaneYes6 colors available
TIME4DEALS Fingerboard Mini Finger SkateboardsPlastic100 x 40 mmPlasticNo12 mixed doodle patterns
Kathson Professional Mini FingerboardsMaple100 x 28 mmPlasticYesClassic Wooden Pattern
Teak Tuning Prolific Complete FingerboardBurlwood127 x 50 mmPolyurethaneYesCloudy Wooden Pattern
BeautyMood 5 pcs Professional Mini FingerboardsZinc Alloy95 x 25 mmPVCYes5 mixed graphics options
HOMETALL Finger SkateboardsPlastic95 x 40 mmPlasticYes12 mixed cartoon patterns
Rock Deck Complete Wooden FingerboardMaple95 x 27 mmPolyurethaneYesNone
MEEZU Wood Professional FingerboardsWood100 x 30 mmPolyurethaneYesNone

10 Best Fingerboard In 2023 From Top 10 Brands!

Now let’s explore our in-depth reviews of the 10 best fingerboard reviews.

10 Best Fingerboard In 2022

1. Tech Deck DLX Pro 10-Pack of Collectible Fingerboards: Editor’s Choice

It would be hard to imagine a better way to jump-start your fingerboarding collection and master thhe tricks than with this 10-pack of DLX Pro Fingerboards from Tech Deck.

Tech Deck DLX Pro 10-Pack of Collectible Fingerboards

They really do have it all, from quality plastic decks to excellent graphics from the biggest brands in the game. Learn more below.

Quick Facts

  • The trucks have PU bushings that allow for superior flexing.
  • For enhanced control, it has a nonslip grip tape.
  • You can cut and stick custom stickers to alter the graphics as you like.
  • The wheels are supported by ball bearings to give you precision control.

Detailed Review

  • High-Resilience Plastic Decks:

These decks are built to last. Made of sturdy, high-resilience ABS plastic, they’re perfect for any kind of finger skateboarding you can think of. They’ll hardly give in soon enough, no matter what you throw at them.

  • Authentic Skateboard Graphics:

The decks in this pack come with authentic graphics from the biggest brands in skateboarding. These decks aren’t knockoffs—they’re genuine, official fingerboards from skate companies remade in every detail. With ten graphic varieties, there’s sure to be something that fits your style and sense of individuality.

  • 10-in-a-Pack:

Tech Deck pro pack comes with 10 fully assembled fingerboards. That’s ten chances to ride the board you’ve always wanted—and then some. This pack is a great way to jumpstart your collection.

  • Trick-Oriented Measurements:

You’ll find these boards convenient whether you’re trying to master a fingerboard trick or just looking for something fun to do while you’re bored out of your mind.

The 3.8-inch long by 1.3-inch wide boards are optimized for tricks and flips, so you can nail your frontside shove-its in no time at all.

  • Widely Customizable:

Each deck is pre-built and preassembled, but once it’s out of the box, it’s up to you to customize them how you want. You can switch things as you like—the trucks, grip tape, graphics, and even wheels.


Deck Material ABS Plastic
Dimensions 96 x 33 mm
Wheels Polyurethane
Color and Graphics 10 options in a pack
Assembly Required No
What We Liked
  • Ten high-quality, authentically designed fingerboards
  • Graphics from some of the biggest skateboarding brands
  • Customizable to fit your any style
  • Preassembled and ready to ride
  • Exceptional trucks and wheels combination
What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t have the ideal width for thumb-works

Why Is It The Editor’s Choice?

Tech Deck DLX Pro 10-Pack Collectible Fingerboards are a perfect choice for anyone looking to perfect their fingerboard tricks. As well as coming in tens, they come in with a bunch of different authentic skate graphics, so you can have the wide range of styles that you always wanted.

2. P-REP Starter Complete Wooden Fingerboard: Best for Beginners

If you’re a new fingerboarder, and you want something that’s going to take you from beginner to pro without needing an upgrade, the P-REP Deep Mold 5 ply Wooden Fingerboard is your board. Here are the reasons why this board is unique.

P-REP Starter Complete Wooden Fingerboard

Quick Facts

  • Made from 5 layers of wood, the board gives you a real-world skateboarding feel.
  • The hard yellow tuning trucks give you improved control over the rails.
  • Protective caps are included for both the trucks and wheels.
  • Assembling the board is a breeze with the provided adjustment tool.

Detailed Review

  • Sturdy Wooden Deck:

P-REP’s Deep Mold Wooden Fingerboard is one of the sturdiest decks out there. It’s made from five layers of wood and has been tested to stand up to the hardest tricks.

If you’re looking for a deck that can stand up to all your grinding, flipping, and other fingerboard tricks, this is it. So, it’s a perfect a choice for beginners as most newbies are prone to making mistakes in their early stage of learning and this deck can withstand it all.

  • Exceptional Grip:

The foam grip tape on the deck provides enough grip for even the toughest flip tricks you can think of. It also comes with deep molds which enable you to get a solid grip on your fingerboard when doing those flip tricks or just cruising down your fancy skate park. You can even use this on wet surfaces.

  • Sized to Fit All Finger Sizes:

Size-wise, the deck measures 30mm x 100mm, which means it’s not too big or too small—it’s just right. It’s also made from 5-ply wood, so it is super sturdy and lightweight, so no matter how much pressure you put in your maneuvers, it’ll hold up.

  • Durable Beyond Rough Tricks:

Its trucks come with hard yellow tuning and have an adjustment tool in case you need to tighten or loosen them. The wheels are high-quality bearings that are designed for durability and speed. Both the wheels and trucks include protective caps, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them when not in use.


Deck Material 5-ply Wood
Dimensions 100 x 30 mm
Wheels Polyurethane
Color and Graphics Solid Red Color
Assembly Required Yes
What We Liked
  • Sturdy wooden deck that can withstand rough tricks
  • Size is perfect for all finger sizes
  • Comfy pre-cut foam grip tape
  • Easy to assemble
What We Don’t Like
  • A few graphics options would’ve been nice

Why Is It Best For Beginners?

The P-REP Starter Complete Wooden Fingerboard is a solid option for any beginner’s fingerboarding needs. It comes with everything you need to get started right away, and it’s durable enough to withstand even the roughest trick moves. No exaggeration if we say it’s the best beginner fingerboard on our list.

3. Etmact Professional Mini Fingerboards: Best For Professionals

The Etmact Professional Fingerboard provides a great way to get back into the sport after a long hiatus or to hone your skills before you take on one of the larger, more challenging boards.

Etmact Professional Mini Fingerboards

The maple wood construction gives you a seasoned feel as soon as you start rolling your fingers. See more of its offerings below.

Quick Facts

  • This board uses the same pro-grade maple wood used in professional skateboards.
  • Its padded, nonslip grip lets your finger sink in for effortless maneuvering.
  • Etmact’s full-closed bearing wheels amplify your trick moves.
  • The nickel alloy trucks ensure enhanced stability throughout roughed-up moves.

Detailed Review

  • Reliable Maple Deck:

Made from 5 layers of maple, this board is sturdy and dependable. It’s built to last so you can safely practice your tricks without worrying about breaking anything.

You won’t have to worry about splinters either—the surface is smooth and polished, so you can practice with ease and comfort.

  • Adapts to Every Finger Type:

The padded grip is non-slip and comfortable, so you can focus on your tricks instead of trying to keep your hand steady. With a 100 x 28 x15 mm deck, this board is perfect for any size finger. No more frustration—just pure fun.

  • Durable, Padded, Nonslip Grip:

Etmact has full-closed bearing wheels, which means they’re made to last through the most rigorous of practices. The grip is padded with a special thick non-slip pad PU that will keep you in control so you can focus on what really matters: becoming a successful pro mini fingerboarder.

  • Smooth Maneuvering:

Because the wheels are made of full-closed bearing wheels and the trucks are nickel alloy stents, you’re guaranteed a smooth skate every time. The combination of these two materials ensures a responsive and effortless ride.


Deck Material 5-ply Maple wood
Dimensions 100 x 28 mm
Wheels Polyurethane
Color and Graphics 6 colors available (1 pc in a pack)
Assembly Required Yes
What We Liked
  • Professional-grade skateboard maple deck
  • Superior stability during professional tricks
  • Comfortable, padded pu nonslip grip
  • Smooth skating experience over the long haul
What We Don’t Like
  • Scratchy trucks

Why Is It Best For Professionals?

The Etmact Professional Fingerboard is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable and durable board. It’s the best professional fingerboard for those who want to get back into the sport or improve their skills. With a durable maple deck, smooth wheels, and a padded grip, this board has everything you need to succeed.

4. TIME4DEALS Fingerboard Mini Finger Skateboards: Best Value Pack

If you’re looking for a great value pack of fingerboards to try out something new every day without running out of options, TIME4DEALS Fingerboard Mini Finger Skateboards is your pack.

TIME4DEALS Fingerboard Mini Finger Skateboards

These boards come in a dozen different designs, all with personalized doodle patterns. Here are a few of the perks.

Quick Facts

  • With the matte surface of the deck, it’s not easy to slip, so you’re able to show off your skills more easily.
  • The package includes a screwdriver for adjusting the wheel tightness.
  • Due to their nosed design, these boards work great for practicing finger mobility.
  • You can customize the patterns by sticking on your favorite stickers or coloring.

Detailed Review

  • Spacious Deck Size:

The deck of each skateboard measures 100 mm wide and 40 mm long—plenty of space for even the biggest hands. And the matte surface ensures that your feet won’t slip off the board, and you’ll have more control over the board’s movements.

  • Diverse Fun Patterns:

Each skateboard has a unique pattern. There are 12 different designs included in each pack of 12 boards, so you can create an impressive collection—or pass them out as party favors for your next event. The doodle patterns add a fun touch to these already-fun toys.

  • Reliable Aluminum Alloy Trucks:

They’re made of sturdy aluminum alloy trucks and tear-resistant plastic pulleys. This means they’ll hold up over time with regular use. Even if they get scratched, they’ll still look just as cool as they did when you first unboxed them.

  • Excellent Value Pack:

These skateboards come at an excellent price, considering how many you get in each pack. You can also use them on other surfaces like wooden floors or even tables if you want to practice your fingerboarding indoors.


Deck Material Plastic
Dimensions 100 x 40 mm
Wheels Plastic
Color and Graphics 12 mixed doodle patterns
Assembly Required No
What We Liked
  • Sturdy plastic-made fingerboards
  • Customizable doodle graphics to fit your own style
  • Preassembled and ready to ride
  • Nosed design for improved finger flexing
What We Don’t Like
  • Cheap plastic wheels

Why Is It The Best Value Pack?

These great value TIME4DEALS Mini Finger Skateboards are perfect for anyone looking for a dozen different cartoon-style fingerboards to test their reflex with. They have nosed patterns, which make them ideal for practicing finger mobility, and the doodle graphics can be customized to fit your own style.

5. Kathson Professional Mini Fingerboards: Best for Intermediates

The Kathson Professional Mini Fingerboard is a good choice for those who want to practice skating on the go, but still want a high-quality product. It’s your pretending skateboard if you want to advance from beginner to intermediate. Here are some details you’d like to know about this product.

Kathson Professional Mini Fingerboards

Quick Facts

  • The board and accessories come neatly packed into a nice plastic carry case.
  • It has a large surface area with bend ends to facilitate quick movements.
  • Epoxy-glued deck means you can ride it on wet surfaces without worries.

Detailed Review

  • Durable Maple Deck:

Made of carbon-rich maple, the Kathson Professional Mini Fingerboard is a tough little skateboard, able to withstand a pounding from even the most demanding skater. The five layers ensure that you won’t feel every bump in the pavemen

  • Exceptional Finger Adaptabil:

Because your fingers are probably crucial to your everyday life, and you wouldn’t want something too bulky on them, this board is designed to feel like an extension of them.

You’ll barely notice it’s there as you pull off ollies and other tricks, but it will be right where you need it when you need to spin or grind. Just pop it on and go.

  • Nonslip PU Grip:

The polyurethane grip is ideal for keeping a tight hold on the deck no matter how extreme the move or how much sweat accumulates from doing huge sick air tricks. You’ll never lose your grip due to slippery fingers again.

  • Flexible Maneuvering:

There’s nothing worse than having a board that just can’t keep up with whatever crazy maneuvers you want to try. This one will be able to take whatever you dish out and keep going. The full-closed bearing wheels give you the control you need when executing even the most difficult tricks.


Deck Material Maple
Dimensions 100 x 28 mm
Wheels Plastic
Color and Graphics Classic Wooden Pattern
Assembly Required Yes
What We Liked
  • Durable, waterproof maple deck
  • Nonslip PU grip with added support for fingers
  • Flexible maneuvering
  • Carry case for convenient storage
What We Don’t Like
  • The plastic wheels could’ve been better

Why Is It Best For Intermediates?

The Kathson Professional Mini Fingerboards combine exceptional construction with flexible maneuvering, making them a decent option for beginners and experts alike. But it makes the ideal choice for transitioning from beginner to intermediate fingerboarding.

6. Teak Tuning Prolific Complete Fingerboard: Best Wide-Deck

The PROlific “Cloud Nine” edition is an extra-wide, handmade fingerboard with faster and smoother rides as well as great tuning options. If you’re looking for plenty of space for your fingers, this is the fingerboard for you.

Teak Tuning Prolific Complete Fingerboard

Besides, it’s about 5 inches long, so it’ll give you plenty of room to maneuver. Learn more below.

Quick Facts

  • The board has 32 mm gold-colored trucks with o-ring tuning.
  • Its cloudy wooden pattern will catch the attention of anyone.
  • The package includes a set of 4 replacement tuning screws, 4 washers, and 1 keychain.
  • You can also file down the old tape until a blank canvas is left for customization.

Detailed Review

  • Extra Wide Deck:

The first thing you’ll notice is its extra-wide deck. It has a 127 x 50 mm maple laminate deck that really gives you room to play with your tricks. The deck also has a decorative burlwood veneer on both sides, which gives it a totally unique look and feel.

  • Handmade Burl Construction:

Speaking of feel, that’s another great thing about this board: it’s handmade. Each one is cut by hand from the finest grades of Burlwood, then sanded to perfection, and then the entire surface is covered with premium Teak Tape for optimal grip and control.

  • Great Tuning Options:

The board offers excellent tuning options. The Cloud Nine comes with super-clear polyurethane wheels and high-quality bearings that make the ride smooth as silk—you’ll feel like you’re gliding across an ice rink. But if that’s not your speed, you can use the Bubble Bushings to get more stability and grip at lower speeds.


Deck Material Burlwood
Dimensions 127 x 50 mm
Wheels Polyurethane
Color and Graphics Cloudy Wooden Pattern
Assembly Required Yes
What We Liked
  • Exceptionally wide deck for more finger room
  • Handmade from premium materials for a unique look and feel
  • Excellent tuning options for a custom ride
  • Comes with everything you need to get started
What We Don’t Like
  • Not the easiest to assemble board

Why Is It The Best For A Wide Deck?

The Teak Tuning Prolific Complete Fingerboard is a great choice for anyone looking for an extra-wide, handmade fingerboard with excellent tuning options. The deck is made from premium materials and provides plenty of space for your fingers, so you can really perfect your tricks.

7. BeautyMood 5 pcs Professional Mini Fingerboards: Best for Kids

If you’re looking for a fun, yet inexpensive gift for your kid who loves skateboards but is still a bit young to be cruising around on the real thing, you should check out these mini fingerboards by BeautyMood.

BeautyMood 5 pcs Professional Mini Fingerboards

Quick Facts

  • These can make great gifts for active, skateboard-lover kids.
  • Each deck is equipped with an anti-slip sand-finished grip tape.
  • The wheels can be easily dismantled and replaced with softer ones if you prefer.

Detailed Review

  • Designed for Kids to Assemble:

These fingerboards come as a package of five mini skateboard favors with stickers and tools. They’re ideal for kids who want to practice assembling parts, they can put the boards together themselves with their parents’ help. This gives kids a sense of accomplishment as they develop their fingerboarding skills.

  • Ideal Size for Kids:

With a size of 95mm x 25mm, these boards are the ideal size for young children who are just starting out with fingerboarding. They fit perfectly in smaller hands, so little ones will be able to learn how to balance and steer the board without it being too big or unwieldy for them.

  • Sturdy Build:

Even though these fingerboards are tiny, they’re made with high-quality materials that will last year after year. The frame is made of zinc alloy, which is strong, durable, and less likely to crack than plastic models. The wheels are made of PVC, so they won’t chip or break easily.

  • Single Warped Plate:

A warped plate allows you to give your fingers a workout as you maneuver the board around. This adds to the fun, but it also makes them a bit harder to control—a great feature for kids who want to practice their tricks and learn how to control the board.


Deck Material Zinc Alloy
Dimensions 95 x 25 mm
Wheels PVC
Color and Graphics 5 mixed graphics options
Assembly Required Yes
What We Liked
  • Package of five mini skateboard favors with stickers and tools
  • High-quality material build that will last year after year
  • Ideal size for kids fingerboarding
  • Easy to assemble parts
What We Don’t Like
  • Stiff wheels

Why Is It Best For Kids?

These fingerboards are perfect for kids who want to learn how to skateboard. They’re made with high-quality materials, so they’ll last for years. The package of five comes with different designs, so kids can choose their favorite or collect them all.

8. Hometall Finger Skateboards for Kids: Best for Design Variations

The Hometall fingerboard is the perfect skateboarding starter kit for kids and adults alike. This 12-set comes with a variety of boards and tools, so you can easily change the combination of wheels and fingerboards as you please.

Hometall Finger Skateboards for Kids

Quick Facts

  • With the provided screwdriver, anyone can disassemble and reassemble the wheels and trucks.
  • These toy skateboards work perfectly to train young fingers’ coordination skills.
  • Due to its universal design, these fingerboards can be fitted with any trucks or wheels as desired.

Detailed Review

  • Variety of Designs:

Hometall fingerboards come in a wide range of styles to help develop any child’s creativity and balancing skills. The package comes with 12 exciting designs, which will never bore you or your kids.

  • Sized for All Ages:

Whether you’re looking for a fun gift for a kiddo or something to keep on your desk at work, Hometall boards are sized to be perfect for kids and adults alike. They’re even small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

  • High-Quality Build:

The high-quality plastic build means that these mini skateboards can take a beating while still maintaining their shape, and your fingers will be safe from splinters. Each comes with a plate lining to provide added resilience against wear and tear.

  • Adjustable Parts:

This fingerboard set comes with tools that make it easy to take apart and reassemble different wheels and fingerboards. You can easily switch out parts to make custom decks, or even just swap the trucks out if you want to change your board’s performance and style.


Deck Material Plastic
Dimensions 95 x 40 mm
Wheels Plastic
Color and Graphics 12 mixed cartoon patterns
Assembly Required Yes
What We Liked
  • Comes with a variety of boards and tools for easy customization
  • Sized for both kids and adults
  • High-quality build that can take a beating
  • Adjustable parts for a custom experience
What We Don’t Like
  • The trucks and wheels are only designed for cruising

Why Is It The Top Pick For Variable Designs?

The Hometall fingerboard is the perfect starter kit for anyone interested in learning how to skateboard, kids in particular. The 12-set comes with a variety of boards and tools, so you can mix and match wheels and fingerboards as you please and have fun in different ways.

9. Rock Deck Complete Wooden Fingerboard: Best for Performing Tricks

The Rock Deck fingerboard is a great choice for anyone looking to perform tougher tricks. It is made of durable materials and is easy to assemble. It also comes with mini skate shoes, making it a great choice for those looking for a complete fingerboarding experience.

Rock Deck Complete Wooden Fingerboard

Quick Facts

  • You can use the mini finger shoes to get a complete fingerboarding experience.
  • With the PU wheels, you can do heelflips and 360-flips with maximum forgiveness.
  • Press the PU bushings in any way you please to get the most from them.
  • Organizing the parts is made easier with the included carry case.

Detailed Review

  • Highly-Durable Maple Deck:

As far as durability is concerned, Rock Deck lives by its name. The deck is made from 5 layers of real maple wood and feels very sturdy and durable. It’s not just a toy, it really feels like a miniaturized version of a regular, full-size skateboard.

  • Smooth Spinning Bearing:

The parts are all high quality, just as you’d expect from a company that makes regular skateboards for adults. Most importantly, though, the bearings actually spin smoothly to perform the toughest tricks.

  • Easy to Assemble Parts:

If you’ve never been able to get the hang of assembling your own skateboards, we bet you’ll find this one to be super easy because it’s designed to be assembled by kids or adults alike. All you need is a screwdriver to attach the wheels and trucks, and it comes with instructions if you get stuck.

  • Extra Thick Padded Grip:

The grip tape on this board is not only great for keeping your foot in place when you’re doing tricks—but it also protects your fingers from getting rubbed raw. The extra-thick padding on this board does a great job of both protecting your fingers and giving you the traction you need to do some serious fingerboarding.


Deck Material Maple Wood
Dimensions 95 x 27 mm
Wheels Polyurethane
Color and Graphics None
Assembly Required Yes
What We Liked
  • Highly-Durable material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Free mini skate shoes
  • Flexible support bushings
What We Don’t Like
  • Not quite as long as a professional fingerboard

Why Is It Best For Performing Tricks?

Anyone looking to perform tougher tricks will find the Rock Deck fingerboard to be a great choice. This fingerboard has a durable construction and is very easy to assemble. Considering it also comes with mini skate shoes, it is a great option for those considering a complete package.

10. Meezu Wood Professional Fingerboards: Best Budget Option

Meezu Wood Professional Fingerboards are perfect for those looking to start out in the world of fingerboarding on a tight budget. They come in a variety of colors and with all the tools you need–even special long screws. Here are some more details.

Meezu Wood Professional Fingerboards

Quick Facts

  • You can easily customize its plain deck with colors and stickers of your preference.
  • The forgiving PU wheels in this board are a huge plus at this price point.
  • As a beginner, it is just the right size for you to get the full fingerboarding experience.

Detailed Review

  • 5-Layer Wooden Deck:

The Meezu Wood Professional Fingerboard is everything you need to up your game without breaking your bank. This entry-level finger skateboard is made of five layers of solid wood to ensure its durability—and it’s fully guaranteed to stay sturdy when you’re busting out those board slides and pop shuvits.

  • Smooth-rolling Wheels:

It comes equipped with smooth-rolling wheels that make for an effortless ride. You won’t have to worry about your wheels getting stuck or catching on anything. And, since the bearings are already installed, you can just get out there and start skating right away.

  • Flexible Steering:

With its flexible steering, the Meezu Wood Professional Fingerboard gives you ultimate control over your ride. You’ll be able to carve and turn with ease, making this the perfect board for those just starting out.


Deck Material Wood
Dimensions 100 x 30 mm
Wheels Polyurethane
Color and Graphics None
Assembly Required Yes
What We Liked
  • Excellent affordable option
  • Comes with all the tools you need to get started
  • Flexible steering for easy control
What We Don’t Like
  • Cheap grip tape

Why Is It Best For Budget?

The Meezu is the best budget fingerboard for those just starting out in fingerboarding. It’s highly affordable, comes with all the necessary tools, and has flexible steering for easy control. Plus, its wooden build is durable and guaranteed to last while providing the ultimate fingerboarding experience.

How to Choose The Best Fingerboard According To Your Preferences

Choosing the best fingerboard requires you to consider a few things. Keep reading to find out what you should look for.

How to Choose the Best Fingerboard

Deck Size and Shape

The deck should be your first consideration before anything else. Your deck should be between 88 and 127 mm in length because this gives you the best balance between ease of control and being able to pull off more complex tricks.

The length is also important because it impacts how the board feels on your fingers—it shouldn’t feel too bulky or too flimsy. You want it to feel like a natural extension of yourself.

Also important is width. The width of your deck should fall somewhere between 22 and 50 mm.

This gives you flexibility in terms of how much space there is for you to balance your fingers when executing tricks. But still keeps things narrow enough so that you can keep your hands close together for better ease of control.

Finally, if you want to do lots of tricks or skateboard-style moves, you’ll want to get bent edges on your board—and these are best on decks with a concave shape (that means they have a slight dip in the middle).


The grip of the board is what you’ll be using to do your tricks. So, if it is not comfortable enough, you might not be able to get through your routine without dropping the board or losing control.

Don’t worry, though—most decks are designed with an appropriate grip in mind. It’s usually made out of a type of rubber called grip tape, and it’s applied over the top of the deck when it’s produced.

Grip tape is typically made up of tiny bits of sandpaper-like material that create a rough surface to hold onto while you’re riding.

However, polyurethane padded grips are becoming increasingly popular because of their enhanced comfort and superior adaptability. These are best if you want to use your fingerboard for long periods of time or for doing more complex tricks.


The trucks of a fingerboard are what the wheels are attached to, and they’re important for two reasons: they give you stability and control over the board, and they absorb shocks from landings so that your fingers don’t have to.

You’ll want to make sure that the trucks are made out of a durable material like aluminum or stainless steel, and that they’re the right size for your deck. The width of the truck’s axle should be no wider than the width of your deck.


Finally, you’ll need to pick out the right wheels for your board, which will determine how smoothly a fingerboard rolls.

Fingerboards come with different types of wheels. Some use the hard plastic-made wheel, while others use hard rubber or polyurethane. The hard plastic-made wheels without bearings cannot offer you a smooth ride because of their stiffness.

Ideally, polyurethane is the best material because it has good grip, speed, the softness needed for smoother rolls, and is built to last.

New To Tech Deck? Here’s The 3 Easiest Fingerboard Tricks You Can Try Today!

Once you’ve got your hands on your new fingerboard, it’s time to learn some fingerboard tricks. Here are three simple tricks that any beginner can learn:


The wheelie is the most fun and rewarding fingerboard trick you can learn. It’s also the easiest, so if you’ve never done a trick before, this should be your starting point.

how to do FingerBoard Wheelie

To do a wheelie-

  1. Place your fingerboard on the floor.
  2. Put your index finger on the back of the board, directly in the middle.
  3. Stand up and hold your fingerboard with your thumb on one side and your ring finger on the other side. The other three fingers are tucked behind (or under) the board.
  4. Now pull up so that the board stands up on its front two wheels, and gently push forward until it rolls along on its front wheels.


The ollie is a move that’s used in skateboarding, and it can be done on a fingerboard with a little practice.

how to do FingerBoard Ollie tricks

To do an ollie-

  1. start by rolling forward on your board and then quickly lifting the back end of the board off the ground.
  2. As you lift, jump up slightly and bring your fingers down onto the board so that the wheels touch back down on the ground. The momentum from your jump will help you roll forward on the board.


The grind is one of the most basic tricks in fingerboarding. To do it, you simply have to grind on an edge — anything from a chair leg to a table or countertop.

Fingerboard Grind

  1. First, position your fingerboard so that the front truck is over the edge of the object you want to grind on.
  2. Then, gently tilt your board forward using your fingers until it’s pointing straight down.
  3. Now try pulling up on the board with your thumb and pushing down with your pointer finger. Once you get used to this movement, you’ll be able to keep your board on an edge for as long as you want.

With a little practice, you’ll be able to do these tricks with ease and soon, you’ll be impressing your friends with your fingerboarding skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions regarding fingerboards and fingerboarding.

Are Wooden Fingerboards Better Than Plastics?

There is no “better” when it comes to fingerboard material. We love wooden boards, as well as the others. What you ride is a personal choice that should be made based on what makes you happy and what you want to skate.

People mostly prefer wooden boards because they are more authentic to longboards and skateboards. It’s also fun to make your own boards from scratch or add custom touches like your own grip tape or paint job.

In contrast, plastic boards are easier to work with for beginners, especially if you’re on a budget or have more flexibility with lightweights. But if you’re looking for a more authentic experience, wooden boards are the way to go.

What Was the First Fingerboard Brand?

The first-ever fingerboard was created by Somerville International in 1987.

While they were produced in the 80s, they were not sold commercially until 1989. The company manufactured them until 1997 before shifting its focus to the skateboarding market and began making larger, rideable boards instead.

However, in 1999, Tech Deck started mass-producing their miniature skateboards that kickstarted the trend of fingerboarding for real.

While they made several different styles of decks and accessories, the most popular were their mini-replicas of real skateboards from brands like Alien Workshop and Santa Cruz.

Are Prolific Fingerboards Good?

Prolific fingerboards are a fantastic option for those who want to take their skateboarding from the streets to the comfort of their own home.

They’re easier to carry around than a full-size skateboard, and they’re pretty easy to learn. The graphics are super cool, and they have a smooth and grippy deck, which provides you with long-lasting control over your board.

Prolific fingerboards are also great for learning new tricks such as ollies and kickflips because of their remarkable durability.

How Long Does A Fingerboard Last With Regular Use?

It depends on how much you skate. If you’re skating every day, you might need a new fingerboard once a month or so. But if you only skate every other week or so, your board may hold up for a few months.

You can also extend the life of your fingerboard by making sure to keep it clean and doing any repairs as soon as they pop up.

What Size Fingerboard Is The Ideal Choice?

We recommend our decks be somewhere between 88 and 127 mm in length. This gives you the best balance between ease of control and being able to pull off more complex tricks.

The width of your deck should be between 22 and 50 mm. This gives you enough space to balance your fingers while executing mid-air tricks but keeps things narrow enough so that you can keep your hands close together for better control.

Final Thoughts

Fingerboards are a great way to stay familiar with all the tricks you’ve learned while skateboarding. Whether you still can skateboard or not, you can always use a fingerboard to perform tricks and have fun.

My favorite is the Tech Deck DLX Pro because of its excellent riding performance, precision control maneuvering, plenty of customization options, and multiple exciting designs. This is the ideal fingerboard for riders who want a challenge and are willing to put in the time to reach the highest level of mastery.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider the Meezu Wood Professional Fingerboard. It offers great speed, durability, smoothness, and feel at an affordable price point.

No matter what you pick, keep practicing, try new tricks to keep improving your skills, and live the fun of fingerboards in your own way!

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