How to Fix a Hoverboard That Won’t Move? [Troubleshooting Guide]

A hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter, a fun way to transport from one place to another. Similar to other electronic devices, hoverboards can develop some technical issues. The issue can ultimately lead you to a stationary device that won’t move, because of something gone wrong.

Are you also on the same verge of a situation and thinking about how to fix a hoverboard that won’t move?

Well, most of the time, you’ll have to inspect the possible cause, mostly in the sensors. After that, you may have to replace a sensor or two, or reconnect a loose wire or recalibrate the gyroscopes. 

There are more to the thing though, and we’ll talk about everything in detail in this article. Let’s look at the possible ways to fix your favorite ride for a spin real quick.

Possible Reasons Why A Hoverboard Won’t Move

There are a lot of possible reasons why your hoverboard won’t move. As an electronic device made of neatly connected components, if any of them becomes faulty, the entire device will become numb.

However, your hoverboard may not move because it needs calibration. So, let’s look at some of these possible reasons in detail below.

1. Red Light Error

If the red light of your hoverboard starts blinking, it means that there’s an issue. It only blinks when something goes wrong with the device. For example, the red light flashes once when the device’s wires or cable becomes loose. If it blinks twice or three times, then it could be an internal circuit issue.

More so, your hoverboard red light indicator will flash up to six times when the device develops a battery problem. You may need to replace the gyroscopes if it blinks seven or eight times.

2. Power Failure

Your hoverboard won’t move when it’s not charged. If you tried charging it and the green light didn’t flash, the internal circuit of the device is bad. The only option for this is a replacement. But, if an orange light shows up instead of the green light- it’s an indicator of a faulty battery.

The flashing of the green light indicator shows that the device battery is okay while your hoverboard is charging, when the red light is permanently on and not blinking. It takes 2-3hors to charge the battery fully.

3. Only one Side of the Device is moving

The hoverboard consist of two sides, the left and right side for balancing. It’s common to have only a side of your device working while the other is faulty. This type of problem comes up when your gyroscope is faulty. It’s a component of the hoverboard that measures or maintains its angular velocity or orientation.

4. A Wet Hoverboard

All electronic devices are water sensitive. They can easily break down if they get wet or soaked. If you accidentally ran into any water with your device, it may start to malfunction. You need to fix it as soon as possible or stand the risk of irreparable damages.

5. Stuck Pad

This problem occurs when the pads are displaced from their normal position. The hoverboard will no longer sense any rider on it; hence won’t move.

It’s a simple problem that can halt the movement of the board till you properly fix them. Apart from that, if you put extra pressure on the pads, they might go wrong. In that case, get an ideal hoverboard for heavy adults that will withstand high weight.

6. Pressure Sensor Problem

This is a common hoverboard problem, Board with this kind of fault can’t sense you when you stand on it and hence can’t move. It means that the pressor sensor, which is normally located close to the wheel, is faulty and needs replacement.

7. Locked Wheel

There is no way your hoverboard will move when one or both wheels are locked. The board’s wheel gets locked in most cases when the self-balancing breaks.

As a result, the pieces fall into the space meant for the motor in self-balancing, obstructing it from moving freely. This, in turn, affects the wheel, which the same motor controls.

How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won’t Move

The first step to take when wondering how to fix your hoverboard that won’t is troubleshooting. Troubleshooting here means having a closer look at the device to ascertain what exactly went wrong.

Successful troubleshooting makes it easier for you to fix your device correctly. The possible reasons why your hoverboard won’t move will guide you on what to look out for.  However, the next step is to fix the problem and get your device on board again.

How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won't Move

Here are the steps to follow for each problem;

1. Red Light Error

To fix the hoverboard with loose cables, unscrew the device and with your screwdriver, tighten all the loose cables. To avoid missing any of them, you can carefully disconnect all the cables and reconnect them back.

For an internal circuit problem, buy another hoverboard circuit kit and replace it following the instructions therein. Then for the motor, gyroscope, and battery, you need to replace them following the directions on their purchase manual.

2. Power Failure

Ensure that your device charger and battery are okay. If the problem is the internal circuit, then you need to replace it.

3. Only one Side of the Device is moving

The best way to solve this problem is to replace the gyroscope. You need to know the type of gyroscope that your device uses; is it male or female? A male gyroscope has a wire harness and two receiving ports. A female has no wire harness and more than two receiving ports.

4. A Wet Hoverboard

You need to take immediate action once you find your device in this state. Switch off your hoverboard, remove the battery and the motherboard, and place them inside a bowl filled with uncooked rice. Clean all other parts and couple them back carefully. If it doesn’t work, then go for replacement.

5. Stuck Pad

Fixing this problem is simple, switch off the device and release the pads by pushing them back in place. If it still doesn’t work, remove the casing and adjust the pads from the inside.

6. Pressure Sensor Problem

Turn the hoverboard upside down to trace the sensor close to the wheel. Two small wings join together when you step on the device before it starts detecting you. If you can’t see them join with the open case, then you have to buy a new one.

7. Locked Wheel

To fix this problem, disassemble the locked wheels by removing the screws. Then, carefully pull the wheel to see the washer; this shows that it has returned to its normal position. There is every tendency that the major problem of a hoverboard wheel that won’t move is a locked wheel.


We hope the guide above helped you understand the possible reasons why your hoverboard isn’t moving. And of course, how to fix a hoverboard that won’t move with easy DIY methods. You don’t necessarily take a hoverboard that doesn’t move to the technical team over mere faults.

Remember, a hoverboard should not come in contact with water. More so, some faults may require a total replacement of the part or device itself. Try to troubleshoot the faulty hoverboard before deciding on anything.

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