Why Does My Hoverboard Shake? [Fixing Guideline In 2023]

Hoverboards are a sensitive type of gadget as they came into existence from science fiction. These self-balancing scooters are entirely battery-operated and controlled by the pressure of the rider.

There are many sensors in a hoverboard that help spin the wheels and keep it steady and balanced. However, sometimes, you might see it misfunctioning and end up asking why does my hoverboard shake?

Because of the lack of pressure on the pads or problems in the circuits, these boards shake. Also, overpressure or overheating can cause weird vibrations, resulting in mild or severe shakes.

If that’s the case you’re facing with your hoverboard, we’ve put a solution in this article. Let’s hop in and help you fix your hoverboard.

Why Does My Hoverboard Shake

There are several reasons to cause the hoverboards to shake. Among them, the most common issues are the uneven weight of the rider, damaged sensors. Here’s how they affect the operation of the hoverboard.

Why Does My Hoverboard Shake

Uneven Weight Distribution

Hoverboards are also called self-balancing personal transporters, and they are specially designed to run on their own. However, no matter how smartly a machine has been designed, it relies on human implanted parameters to work. And hoverboard operations rely on the weight of the rider that triggers a sensor.

Most of the hoverboards are designed to run with the minimum weight limit of 44 Pounds on them. That’s how much pressure you need for triggering the sensors below the hoverboard footpads. If there is less pressure than required in the sensors, then it can shake roughly.

Putting too much weight also can damage the weight sensor. So, if you weigh more than average, be sure to get a hoverboard for heavy adults that can hold onto your weight.

Damaged Sensors

As hoverboards are machines that run entirely on sensors, damaged sensors can cause vibration as well. Moreover, the sensors of the board get activated by the rubber tabs below the footpads. If the rubber tabs remain tapped after you step off the board, the board remains in the running position, and because of the lack of weight, they start to shake vigorously.

Anyway, there are other two reasons for shaking, which are pre-engaged sensors and defective circuits. The damaged sensor issue you can solve with some DIY. But the circuit issues need expert hands to get solved.

Steps To Fix A Shaking Hoverboard

As we have already discussed, the primary reasons for shaking the hoverboard is uneven weight distribution. The weight issue has a simple fix, but you have a little bit of work to do to solve the sensor issue. The simple steps below will guide you to fix hoverboard shaking.

Things You’ll Need

The tools you will need to fix the shaking hoverboard are:

  • A scissor/ sharp knife
  • A flathead screwdriver
  • A starhead screwdriver

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Prepare the board

First, make sure you place the hoverboard in a steady position on its wheels. Later, you have to unscrew it and deal with the circuits and wires.

Prepare the board
Step 2: Open the defective board

Now position the hoverboard upside down and turn the power button off. Then unscrew the faulty part with the starhead screwdriver.

Step 3: Open The Housing And Remove the Cover

Once you are done with unscrewing, open the housing using the flathead screwdriver. Then, gently take off the cover, there will be several wires attached to it.

Open The Housing And Remove the Cover

Step 4: Remove the Circuit Box

After you open the cover, you’ll notice there is a black circuit box screwed. Remove the box using the starhead screwdriver and lift it straight.

Remove the Circuit Box

Step 5: Cut The Rubber Bumpers

Hence, you will see a couple of rubber bumpers that trigger the sensors to turn the hoverboard on. Therefore, there will be tiny rubber tabs on the bumper. Cut them precisely 1mm each.

Cut The Rubber Bumpers

Step 6: Reassemble the Board

Finally, reassemble the board, arranging all the wires in order. And, do not forget to tighten the screws as loose ones can fall apart. So, your hoverboard is all good to run again without shaking.

Reassemble the Board

Regular Maintenance Tips For Hoverboard Best Performance

Because the hoverboards are so sensitive and operated with sensors, they need regular maintenance. Otherwise, there can be severe accidents, as shown in the recent report. Here are some of the most effective hoverboard maintenance tips.

Maintenance Tips For Hoverboard

Periodical resting and Cut off overusing

Hoverboards are, now, with no doubt, more advanced and sophisticated than ever. That’s why going around and having fun may feel overwhelming. However, periodical rest and cutting not overusing will increase the lifetime of the board. It’ll also lessen the possibility of issues like vibrating or shaking very often.

Batteries and charger

Always check the hoverboard batteries are fully charged before you start your ride. Or, you can end up carrying the board in the place of the board carrying you. And, never use a bad charger for your hoverboard.

Clean the sensors periodically

The hoverboards are made with multilayered fiberboards, and the board constantly remains on the ground. So, make sure you keep the sensor clean periodically. Otherwise, the dirt can jam the sensors.

Post using cautions

After you ride the hoverboard, never forget to give it some resting time to cool down. As they are battery-operated machines and have circuits inside, cooling them down is so essential.

Look after the wheel

The board wheels often get strangled with hundreds of different kinds of debris, especially pet hair and other strains. So, keep the wheel clean to enjoy smooth rides.

Keep the pedals unpressed while not in use

Keep the footpads or pedals of the board in check all the time. If they remain pressed intentionally, the sensors will detect and make the board shake.


So, there you have it! Now you know the answer to your question: why does my hoverboard shake? We hope that you can now identify the issues with your hoverboard and fix them as well. However, you should consult a professional if your hoverboard has a circuit board problem that is triggering the shake on your ride.

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