How to Fix Hoverboard Scratches by Yourself? Make Yours as Good as New!

It quite impossible to use your hoverboard on a daily basis without getting scratches. It even gets worse if you share your hoverboard with friends and relatives. You will have to find a way to fix the board when that happens. So, on this page, I will share a few tips and tricks on how to fix hoverboard scratches.

There are many ways you can fix scratches on your hoverboard, but the most effective ways are through using tape, cleaning grease, and the use of sandpaper with spray paint. The method you choose depends on the severity of the scratches, and you should choose properly.

Fix hoverboard scratches is as important as fixing any other mode of transportation. Leaving the scratches untouched will likely make it worse. It can alter the hoverboard’s attractive appearance and make it less appealing to you anymore.

So, let’s see how you can avoid scratches on your hoverboard, and how to easily fix if there’s any.

What Are The Possible Causes Of Hoverboard Scratches?

Scratches are the most common defect of your hoverboard. Some are avoidable, but some aren’t. However, with a conscious effort, you can easily avoid scratches only when you know the causes. Therefore, let us first find out the causes of hoverboard scratches to help prevent them from happening any further.

What Are The Possible Causes Of Hoverboard Scratches

Improper Handling

Both tiny and large scratches on the hoverboard are caused by improper handling of the board. Friction is a natural experience when you move. Although some friction will cause scratches, this is not very obvious to the eyes because of the paint on the hoverboard frames.

You must choose a smooth and plain surface area to ride your hoverboard. It is inevitable to avoid scratches whenever you take the hoverboard on a dirty or rough surface area. The scratch might not be prevalent at first, but it gets obvious to the eyes as it keeps expanding.

Sole Texture/Design

One of the ways your hoverboard can get all scratched up is not known to many, which is the sole texture and the shoe’s design. Some shoe soles are not right for your hoverboard because they are too hard on the board’s surface.

There are reasons you will see some special shoes for hoverboards out there in the market. Those shoes are specially designed to ensure they don’t leave marks on the hoverboards. It means that you can’t use any kind of shoe on your hoverboards.

Therefore, if you are getting a hoverboard, you should consider getting the right shoe with it for the device’s longevity.

Cleaning With Rough Device

It is a very good thing for you to clean and maintain your hoverboard. One of the ways to do that often is by washing or cleaning with a soft cloth. Over time, most people make the mistake of using harsh or tough surface area devices to clean the device and leave scratches on the board.

The best way to clean your hoverboard is with a soft cloth. You can dip the cloth or towel into water to make it damp and then wipe off all dirt on the hoverboard before storing it. A tough brush or sponge is never the right choice for cleaning your device.

Wrong Storage

While cleaning or washing the hoverboard is a good and safe thing, you also need to consider the right way of storing your device. If you store the hoverboard and some other materials that can damage it, scratches are inevitable.

You should always have a storage case, shelf, or rack to store your hoverboard. While thinking of ways to store, you should ensure you do not place anywhere closer to heat, moisture, or direct to the sun. You should secure the hoverboard in a clean and dry place to keep it in good condition for a longer period.

How To Fix Hoverboard Scratches?

Are those pesky scratches on the surface of your hoverboard starting to get on your nerves? Many people have this problem, and this quick guide is perfect for fixing hoverboard scratches.

How To Fix Hoverboard Scratches

Get A Cleaning Grease

One of the ways you can fix the scratches on your hoverboard is through the use of grease. You just need to get one and apply on the board. You need to apply directly on the scratches and leave for some minutes. Then get a clean cloth and gently wipe or blend the grease with every other part of the board.

If the grease does not work, you should consider scratch sealant from amazon or any reliable store. The SHINE ARMOR Scratch Remover, repairer is a good choice for you to consider. It works efficiently to get rid of the scratches without damaging your paint.

All you have to do is prepare the hoverboard, clean the scratched surface area to get rid of dirt and dust, and then apply the remover polish on it. Mind that, it might take more than one coating for the sealant to work effectively.

Apply Tape On The Scratches

One other option to consider with fixing the scratches on your hoverboards is the use of tape. There are many options you can consider in the market. It might not be the perfect way of fixing it because it will affect the device’s appearance.

However, it still helps conceal the scratches. And if you think a bit outside the box, you can actually make the board now stylish. You can use it to create patterns while fixing the scratches, and it will end up customizing the hoverboard.

What Are the Benefits of Customizing Hoverboards

Painting The Hoverboard

Painting is the best method for you to fix scratches on your hoverboard. Apart from fixing scratches, it will entirely give your hoverboard a new look and make it alluring. You just need to be creative to make it more flashy.

To paint the hoverboard, you need to get some quality spray paint. There are many you can get that will do you efficiently. Just ensure you choose the color that suits your taste and the design you’re about to put. Once you get the paint, you can paint the hoverboard the way that pleases you.

Importantly, before painting, you must apply filler to the scratches to make them blend with others. You might have to overlook this if the scratch is not big or deep on the hoverboard.

Sandpaper And Polish

One of the other ways you can fix scratches is sandpaper and polish. You can use a sander if you have one at home. Just use sandpaper on the area where you have the scratch or sandpaper all the hoverboard parts.

Doing all-around sandpaper on the hoverboard will make the finish even when you apply the polish on it. You should apply the polish on the device accordingly and ensure it is even for a smooth and fine finish.

Tips To Protect Hoverboards From Scratches?

Whether you own a heavy duty hoverboard for adults or you have the plan to buy, you need to keep some information to heart. They are the tips and tricks to help you maintain and protect the hoverboard from scratches.

Tips To Protect Hoverboards From Scratches

Use The Right Shoe

The longevity of the hoverboard, most importantly, the prevention of scratches on it depends on the type of shoe you use with the device. There are some special shoes for hoverboards in the market. When purchasing your hoverboard, you should see that you get the right shoe too.

Proper Handling

You should always care for your hoverboard and never use it in a rough way. Careless handling is one major reason for scratches on the hoverboard. The more you become careless while using the hoverboard, the more scratch you get to see on it.

You should always be conscious of the terrain where you use the hoverboard. The best one is a smooth and plain surface area that doesn’t have any material that can scratch the device. Also, you should avoid hitting the device on any object when in use or not.

Keep Away From Pets

Scratches on household items are common for those with pets, especially cats. If you do, you should do all it takes to keep your hoverboard away from them. Pets such as dogs and cats can always leave marks or scratches on your hoverboard.

Store In A Safe Place

The best and reliable way to prevent scratches from your hoverboard is to keep it in a safe place. You should get a shelf, rack, drawer, or locker to keep it separate from other items that can leave marks on the device.


If you use your hoverboard day in and day out, scratches are inevitable. While it can piss you off and make the hoverboard less attractive and appealing, there are things you can do. You can always fix the scratches on your hoverboard in some priceless way.

This page talks about how to fix hoverboard scratches. You can do it all by yourself with or without help from anyone else. So, why not try these methods today?

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