How to Hold a Skateboard [Guide of Different Methods]

Skateboarding requires the use of a board, and while some choose it as their preferred sport, some see it as a means of transportation from one place to another. With our focus on how to hold a skateboard, you will get to learn more on this page.

Your only chance of keeping your skateboard for a very long time is your handling and how you choose to maintain it. You can hold the skateboard with your hand, keep it by your side, or you keep it in a backpack. There are several ways you can hold your skateboard, and you just need to choose one that suits you.

Of course, Skateboarding is more than riding a board. With skateboards, you can cruise down an empty street, hit a hill during a road trip, or impress friends during a game of skateboarding at the skatepark. However, you need a good and quality skateboard to do that.

Can you hold a skateboard?

Yes, you can hold a skateboard. No rule of thumb goes against holding your skateboard. There are ways to answer the question. If you are through with skateboarding and heading home, you can hold your skateboard in your hand if you feel too tired to skate.

Can you hold a skateboard

You need to hold it firmly to not fall off easily. The other way is when you are skating, and you go on with your stunt in the air, you need to hold the skateboard to always be in control of it when getting down.

Losing the skateboard in the air means you will likely land on your feet and not on the board, which can be less safe for you. However, if you will try such a stunt, you need to be good to get hold of your skateboard in the air.

Also, some skateboards these days come with multi-functional straps made with sturdy elastic material. They are long enough to fit comfortably around your ankle or mid-calf with plenty of stretch for a snug, firm fit. Therefore, you can be sure you will not lose the skateboard during any stunt, even if it is your first time.

How to hold a skateboard

There are different methods of holding a skateboard, such as on your shoulder, holding it by the nose, mall grab, holding with a skateboard backpack, holding with grip tape out, with griptape in, pinching the board, and many others more.

How to Hold a Skateboard

Method of Classic

The classic method of holding a skateboard is an old way that you are likely familiar with. The method requires you to hold the skateboard in the middle either with the grip tape in or out. You need to hold it firmly, whichever method you are using.

Method of Classic

Carrying a skateboard with shoulder strap

One of the safest ways of handling your skateboard is using a shoulder strap. You need to get any quality backpacks you can use to carry your skateboard. The best you can consider is the Universal Skateboard Shoulder Carrier Skateboard Carry Strap.

The backpack allows you to store your skateboard easily with a strap that holds on to it to ensure it doesn’t get out of the bag without your impact.

Carrying a skateboard with shoulder strap

Carrying your skateboard in your hands

The next method of carrying your skateboard is through your hands. There are different styles of doing this which you need to know.

Carrying your skateboard in your hands

The first is the grip tape in where you have to hold the skateboard by the side while the grip tape is facing your direction. The second is the grip tape out is when the grip tape is against you.

Also, you can hold the skateboard by pinching it at the edge of the board, and it is not the safest way of holding the skateboard. It doesn’t feel safe or right to do as you can easily drop the skateboard if you suddenly encounter anything.

Method of Indian water vessel

The Indian water vessel gives you the platform to hold your skateboard on your head while you get to do some other things with your hand. It requires you to get the right balance for the skateboard to stay on your head perfectly.

Method of Indian water vessel

It is a delicate method that you need to be sure of before holding your skateboard. Your skateboard can get damaged easily if it falls off the head. So, it is not a method I suggest you consider if you cherish your skateboard a lot.

Method of Intermission

Intermission is more like going on a break. Therefore, it works to use your skateboard for sitting while you wait on someone. You need to place the skateboard on the floor in a secured way that you can sit without finding it hard to get your balance.

Method of Intermission

Method of Backpack Strap

The GoRide Electric Skateboard or Regular Skateboard Longboard Backpack Bag is one of the backpack straps you can consider for holding your skateboard. You need to wrap the strap around the skateboard and then put it over your shoulder. It makes it quite easy for you to do other things with your hands.

Method of Backpack Strap

Method of Stocks

Whenever you hear the stock method of handling skateboards, it means you have to carry the skateboard with your hands at your back. You can see what it means to in the image above.

Method of Stocks

Method of Cycling Shoelace

If you don’t have a motorcycle or bicycle, it will be hard to hold your skateboard with this method. After training with friends at a skate park, it will be unsafe to drive your bicycle with one hand and then hold the skateboard with the second hand.

Method of Cycling Shoelace

It is important that you hold the handlebars of your bicycle, and still, you need to hold your skateboard. The right thing to do is to fasten the skateboard to the back of your bicycle or motorcycle with any solid rope or strap.

Method of Walking Stick

The walking stick method involves placing the skateboard beside you while you walk home or to the skate center. You will hold the board by the side while keeping it closer to your body. The only setback with this method is that when the skateboard is dirty, you might not keep it closer to you.

skateboard hold Walking Stick

Method of Mall Grab

The mall grab is another way you can hold the skateboard. You just need to grab the mall and move around with the board. You can do that by having the grip tape facing in or out.

skateboard hold Method of Mall Grab

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How not to hold a skateboard?

There is no rule on how not to hold your skateboard. However, all the methods discussed above are the perfect ways of holding a skateboard, but not all are safe for your skateboard. I will never support pinching the skateboard or holding it at the tip.

Either of the two methods doesn’t give a firm or solid grip, and once you come in contact with anything, the skateboard might fall and then damage the skateboard.

Why Is It bad to hold a skateboard by the trucks?

There is no wrongdoing in holding the skateboard by the truck. Most people just say you should not and never tell why you should not hold the skateboard there. The reason is that the skateboard truck becomes dirty and rough after skating.

After skating, it becomes home to dirt and wax, and holding the skateboard there means you have to get your hand stained with dirt. Therefore, it is the main reason for not holding the skateboard there.

How should i hold my skateboard when riding a bike?

The best way is through the use of a strap with your bike. You can either fasten the skateboard to the back of your bike, or you make use of a backstrap. Either way is a safe method of holding your skateboard when riding a bike.


If you are still surfing for how to hold a skateboard? You are just in the right place. I am sure you will put a stop to your search. You have all the right and perfect information on this page, and we hope you get satisfied with every piece of the information here.

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