Why is My Hoverboard Beeping? [Get Answers]

Why is my hoverboard beeping, is one of the common questions that every hoverboard rider asks frequently. Truly, it is frustrating and annoying when a hoverboard keeps making unnecessary sounds.

When a hoverboard is beeping, it is a sign that the motorized vehicle has developed a fault which could be a simple or a very critical fault. The sound is an alarm calling the attention of the rider or user to remediate the faulty part.

In this review, you’ll gain insights on how to tell the reasons your hoverboard beeps. Not only that, you will also get answers with things you can do to fix a beeping hoverboard.

Here Are Five Reasons Your Hoverboard Beeps

The reasons your hoverboard beeps could either be physical which can be reflected in the mechanical parts or technical problems. These reasons includes;

Reasons Your Hoverboard Beeps

1. Uneven Surface

When your hoverboard is beeping, the surface is the first thing to check. A hoverboard is designed and programed to incline on a surface at the maximum of 30degrees or to be tilted forward or backward at a maximum of 15 degrees.

When a hoverboard inclines at more than 30 degrees, it beeps and when it is tilted at more than 15degrees, it beeps as well. When a surface is not even, a hoverboard tends to beep. More importantly, this is the first thing to check when a rider hears the sound.

2. Bad Wheel Motors

Since the wheel is the part that is responsible for motorizing the vehicle, it would be a dangerous adventure to travel with a bad or faulty wheel. The hoverboard raises the alarm which causes it to beep when it discovers that the motor wheel has developed faulty.

3. Faulty Motherboard

A faulty motherboard could also cause your hoverboard to be making a weird sound. This problem can causethe hoverboard to stop working got hooked or lose control. If the problem is in the motherboard, it demands prompt attention, and the sound might not stop until it is turned off for repair.

4. Low Battery

Just like your computer system or mobile phone, when the battery gets low in a device, beeping is a way of alarming the user on the status of the battery before further usage. This is to save the rider of a hoverboard from the mess of the vehicle stopped working on the way.

5. Balance Sensors Malfunctioning

When the hoverboard sensor develops faultily and start malfunctioning, it makes a hoverboard beep as well. Since the sensors are responsible for balancing and measuring the tilting and surface inclination degree. Whenever the user is tilting beyond the maximum angle, it is the sensor that will notify the user. So, when these sensors start malfunctioning, it can cause your hoverboard to beep as well.

How to Stop Hoverboards from Beeping

Having known the problem, the understanding of the solution is simple. Here are five things to do to stop your hoverboards from beeping.

How to Stop Hoverboards from Beeping

Recalibrate the Hoverboard

When thehoverboard is beeping, the first thing to do is a physical examination and if all the physical parts are intact. Don’t stress yourself much. The second attempt is to recalibrate the hoverboard. How will I do this is a popular question, but the step is easy and simple.Here are the steps:

  1. Press the power button on the board until the hoverboard is completely turned off (in case you have a remote control, don’t use remote to do this, ensure you push the button on the board)
  1. Place the hoverboard on a very flat and level surface. This will make both sides of the hoverboard to be even
  2. Push the power button on the hoverboard for some seconds until it beeps. Note: this won’t take more than 5-10 seconds
  3. A small flashlight will appear, leave it. This shows that the board is undergoing the calibration process to the surface.
  4. Wait 30 seconds. Don’t move or press any button.
  5. Hence, press the power button to power off the hoverboard for the second time and lock in the calibration.
  6. You have successfully calibrated your hoverboard.

Resetting Your Hoverboard

In order to reset your hoverboard, you must as well turn off your hoverboard and place it on a surface level. Simply;

Resetting Your Hoverboard

  1. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  2. Turn the hoverboard off by releasing the power button
  3. Then, turn it on again.

That is the simple process of resetting a hoverboard.

Fixing the Loose Line

There may be aloose connected line inside your hoverboard which is causing the spontaneous beeping.Follow thesesteps to fix the loose line,

  1. Poweroff the hoverboard and unscrew the boltstightening it together.
  2. Dissemble the board to show its power cables.
  3. Check the line to see if it’s loose,
  4. Clip the loose line(s) back

Reconnect the Wires

This step is similar tofixing the loose line. You can check if a wire is not clipped or has a partial contact that demands re-clipping or firm grip. Reconnect the wires by taking these steps;

  1. Power off the hoverboard by pressing the power button
  2. Unscrew the bolt to loosen the parts
  3. Pull out the wire from the board
  4. Pushing them back in and ensuring it is well clipped.

Dealing with Different Flashing Numbers

You can understand the problem of a hoverboard beeping by dealing with flashes. Counting in numbers, the flashing time range from 1 to a maximum of 9. If the above solution fails, studying the flashing number to proffer a solution is another good way to go. Each number gives a different meaning. And it is thus explained below:

  • One Flash: Motherboard issue.
  • Two/three Flashes: Internal circuitry issue.
  • Four Flashes: Internal motor issue that has to do withthe problem with the motor on the motherboard side of your device.
  • Five Flashes: Internal motor issue that has to do with the motor on the battery side.
  • Six Flashes: Battery issue.
  • Seven/Eight Flashes: a gyroscope issuethatcould vary from pin deviation to an unstable socket to poor interface alignment.
  • Nine Flashes: Orientation issue; turning a component upside down.

Other Mechanical Problems

If the solution of the problem is not in the above recommendation, it could probably be a mechanical problem such as wheel motors, which will require you to replace that faulty part.

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Final Words

Why is my hoverboard beeping?, you may ask. There are several reasons your hoverboard could be beeping. The insights in this review will definitely help you to resolve any hoverboard beeping problem you might ever encounter. However, if the recommendations are too technical for you, you can take it to a professional.

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