8 Best Longboard Wheels For Rough Roads in 2023

Taking out a longboard for a ride on a sunny day is an absolute pleasure. And if you love longboarding just the way I do, having the best longboard wheels for rough roads is a must for you.

Unlike the regular wheels, these specialized longboard wheels provide way more support and protection on rough and bumpy roads. Even so, finding good-quality longboard wheels is not that easy.

Besides, it takes time to find the right match. That is why to minimize your struggle; we’ve accumulated all the details in a single place and reviewed the most promising rough road longboard wheels today.

So, pay close attention to get your hands on the best one!

Can You Ride a Longboard on Rough Roads?

We all know more or less about skateboarding on smooth tracks, they don’t put you in real challenges. However, a smooth road cannot be compared to rough terrains with gravels or cracks on the surface.

So, to answer your question in a single word, I’d say ‘yes’. You can ride a longboard on rough roads.

Now, we all know how longboard rides come with potential risks. Also, these are quite difficult to handle. So, you need to have sufficient experience to keep your balance.

Especially when it comes to rough roads, things get even more serious. That is why we recommend getting the right longboard wheels so that you have the maximum support from your board to partner with your skills.

What Types of Wheels Do You Need for A Ride on A Rough Road?

Alright, we have understood that regular wheels are not always enough to protect us on rough roads. So, what type of wheels are good longboard wheels for such roads and tough terrain?

What Types of Wheels Do You Need for A Ride on A Rough Road

Here we are explaining what type of wheel you need depending on your situation:

Centerset wheels

These wheels tend to have their core right in the center. As a result, they perform better while sliding as they offer superior grip.

Sideset wheels

Unlike centerset, this one has its core in a slightly angled position. That is why it does not provide a lot of grip or support.

So, if you are looking for speed on a rough road, Sideset wheels will be a good choice. Still, you need to have a decent amount of experience to handle the speed on the tricky road.

Offset wheels

Finally, coming to the last one. You can consider the offset wheels as somewhere between sideset and centerset wheels. That means you get a great balance of support and speed with these types of wheels.

Comparison Chart:

Best Longboard Wheels For Rough RoadsBrandDiameterDimensions WeightHardness
Orangatang Kegel Longboard Cruising WheelsBigfoot80 mm‎5.4 x 5.4 x 2 inches‎0.8 Pounds83A
 Bigfoot Longboard WheelsOrangatang76 mm‎7.48 x 7.32 x 3.62 inches‎1.19 Kilograms80A
Shark Longboard WheelsShark Wheel72 mm‎5.8 x 5.4 x 2.3 inches‎0.64 Kilograms78A
Sector Butterballs Skate WheelsSector 9 70 mm‎5.7 x 5.4 x 1.9 inches‎0.9 Pounds75A
 Genric Tandem Axle Wheel Kit SetShark Wheel80 mm‎12.2 x 8.46 x 7.87 inches‎0.4 Kilograms78A
MBS All-Terrain Longboard WheelsMBS 100 mm‎8 x 5 x 3.5 inches‎1 Pounds78A
Fireball Tinder Longboard WheelsIWONDER60 mm‎10 x 9.5 x 3 inches‎2.22 Kilograms81A
IWONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery Longboard WheelsFireball 120 mm‎4.65 x 4.61 x 1.85 inches‎0.45 Kilograms78A

8 Best Longboard Wheels for Rough Roads in 2023

After going through hours of research on tons of different products, we finally narrowed down 8 top picks for you. So, make sure to go through all of these outstanding longboard wheels before making any decision.

Best Longboard Wheels for Rough Roads - review and buying guide

1. Orangatang Kegel Longboard Cruising Wheels: Best for Downhill Racing

Orangatang Kegel Longboard Cruising WheelsWe often see that longboard wheels for rough roads tend to interrupt the speed. But with this Orangatang Kegel wheel, you no longer have to deal with such issues.

The design provides optimum hardness to the exterior of the wheels. Because of that, you get top-notch support from your wheels. Nonetheless, the grip does not mess with the smoothness of its performance.

It can obtain maximum speed without any trembling issues. That is why these are perfect for downhill racing and the best longboard wheels for rough roads.

The wheels come with a set of bearings that offer inner raceways. As a result, you don’t have to purchase additional spacers. Choose this longboard wheel and ride on anything and everything. It can be sticks or a crack, or even a rock.

You’re getting the wheels in large diameter to maintain sufficient traction while riding regardless of the condition of the road. The square-lip design of the wheel is another approach to enhance the grip.

The Orangatang Kegel also offers you several varieties when it comes to the durometer. Hence, you can choose different hardness-level according to your preference.

Finally, about the core of these wheels. The exposed design of the core reduces the weight of your wheel. And so, you get to enjoy quick acceleration facilities.

Technical Details

  • Diameter: 80 mm
  • Hardness: 83A
  • Bearing: Jehu V2
  • Core: 46 mm
Why Do We Love It?
  • Best for downhill racing
  • Rolls over rocky tracks
  • Variety of multiple durometers
  • Super-smooth sliding performance
  • No need for additional speed rings
What should improve?
  • The outer edge is less durable than other parts
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty usage


With these wheels, you can enjoy the best speed without worrying about the risks of accidents. So, if you are into downhill racing, undoubtedly go for this one.

2. Bigfoot Longboard Wheels: Best for controlled sliding

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels

If you happen to have problems with sliding your skateboard on bumpy tracks, then this one is perfect for you. The design of the Bigfoot Longboard wheels provides the best control so that you can easily slide down the road.

After that comes the hardness or durometer of the wheel. The exterior of the wheel is not too hard as the durometer is on the lower side.

That means these longboard wheels will provide you better grip and support. Now, a common problem with these types of wheels is that they don’t perform too well at high speed.

However, that is certainly not the case with this one. The Bigfoot Longboard wheels have a unique architecture that includes a high-quality core.

As a result, when you reach a higher speed, it helps you to maintain your balance. Not to mention, the grip also helps with downhill rides.

Unlike the other wheels, you don’t have to compromise on the speed to ensure a safe ride. So, it is a perfect option for your mountain trips.

Finally, the diameter of the wheel is pretty much on the larger side. And so, you don’t need to put too much effort to maintain stability. Instead, the construction does half of your job and makes things super-convenient for you.

Technical Details

  • Contact Patch: 50 mm
  • Diameter: 76 mm
  • Hardness: 80A
  • Width: 53 mm
Why Do We Love It?
  • Impressive stability at high-speed
  • Ideal for downhill rides
  • No issues with turning
  • Premium-quality wheel core
  • Provides attractive color variations
What should improve?
  • Wheels lack symmetry
  • Often shows wobbling issues


Keeping a balance on rough roads is not easy. But with this longboard wheel, you get the best combination of smoothness and support. So, make sure to try it out for a smooth and safe ride.

3. Shark Longboard Wheels: Best For Lifespan

Shark Longboard Wheels

Next up in our list, we have the DNA formula from Shark wheels which is the best lifespan. The DNA formula has a perfect balance of hardness and support alongside a 15% longer life expectancy than others. As a result, it is a superb choice for rough road rides.

When you have a stiff core, you get smoother results. But in this case, the softer core helps you get more grips over the uneven tracks.

Again, when you look at the exterior of the wheels, you will find a wavy texture. These textures enhance the traction and keep you stable while taking those hard turns.

After that, the Shark longboard wheels offer you a large diameter. For that, you get better stability in a short time.

Furthermore, the wheels show impressive resilience on wet surfaces. So, you don’t have to worry about slipping issues.

Not to mention, the stylish design draws immediate attention too. Thus, you get an extra boost of confidence while riding your skateboard.

The design highly focuses on enhancing user-friendliness. That is why it provides a convenient bearing setup that prevents any unnecessary hassle.

Technical Details

  • Material: PU Casted
  • Diameter: 72 mm
  • Hardness: 78A
  • Wheel quantity: 4 (per pack)
Why Do We Love It?
  • Long and sleek design
  • Offers minimum frictional force
  • Super-easy slide control
  • Better balance with larger diameter
  • Minimalistic bearing setup
What should improve?
  • Often comes with tiny air bubbles
  • Clumsy inner bearings


The perfect durometer of these wheels ensures you get the best grip on rough terrains. Moreover, the shape and the size also help you to maintain a stable posture while riding and get you a longer life for its unique shape and strong build.

4. Sector Butterballs Skate Wheels: Best for beginners

Sector Butterballs Skate Wheels

We have this amazing game-changer wheel for those of you who are new to skateboarding on rough roads. The Sector Butterballs skate wheels are designed to maximize user-friendliness.

Therefore, these are superb options for beginners. Because of the easy adjustments, you can learn how to slide on those difficult tracks in no time.

Besides, the convenient thane lines also guide you while sliding. So, get rid of all the worries by picking these best longboard wheels for cruising on rough roads.

Coming to the construction design of the wheel, we have several interesting aspects. For instance, the round edges work amazingly well on rough surfaces. These edges help you to remain stable while rolling on bumpy tracks.

Again, for the core, you get high-quality centerset ones. Not to mention, the cosmic core helps to enhance its speed while rolling forward on rough roads with your longboard.

Moreover, they promote the distribution of the weight throughout your longboard. This way it does not wobble while rolling over any rocks or cracks.

The structure is pretty durable and can withstand hefty abuse. Despite riding on rough roads, it doesn’t show any signs of damages. That is why it offers you excellent longevity too.

Technical Details

  • Surface type: Stone-ground
  • Durometer: 80A
  • Core: Centerset
  • Diameter: 70 mm
Why Do We Love It?
  • Best choice for beginners
  • Goes for a long time
  • Rounded edge for easy sliding
  • Provides smooth and easy freerides
What should improve?
  • Slippery in wet surfaces
  • The relatively small contact patch


The Sector Butterballs skate wheels are best known for their convenient features. So, it is the perfect wheel for you if you are looking for options to start your skateboarding journey.

5. Genric Tandem Axle Wheel Kit Set: Best for consistent stability

Genric Tandem Axle Wheel Kit Set

Consistent stability is the key factor to ensure a safe ride on rough roads. And so, the Genric Tandem Axle wheel kit solves all your issues by offering you the best stability consistently.

When you take your skateboard over the sidewalks, you come across different sorts of obstacles. These might be mere sticks or pebbles, or even huge cracks.

However, the perfect longboard wheel can provide you the support to roll over these obstacles. And for that, these longboard wheels are perfect for your everyday usage.

Another unique characteristic of these wheels is the alloy structure. Unlike low-quality ones, these offer much better durability. So, once you put on these wheels, you don’t have to change them frequently.

Now, although we mentioned how you can use it for everyday rides, it is also superb for long rides. The lean design is ideal for a steady balance. Thus, it makes these the best longboard wheels for rough roads.

Not just that, you get all the instructions in the manual for better convenience. Despite all these advantages, you still need to follow a few precautions while using it.

Because of the superior traction, the wheels are not a great option for stunts. So, try to avoid certain stunts like jumping over something.

Technical Details

  • Material: Alloy
  • Weight: 140 grams
  • Diameter: 80 mm
  • Quantity: Set of 2
Why Do We Love It?
  • Amazing in maintaining speed
  • An ideal choice for carving
  • Provides user-friendly manual
  • Impressive off-road capability
  • Easy to learn for rookies
What should improve?
  • Difficult to turn in critical situations
  • Heavy wheels might cause inconvenience


Enjoy the safest and the most stable ride on your longboard with these wheels. Also, these use high-quality materials that will serve you for a long time, even though you’ll ride them on unforgiving terrains.

6. Best for unparalleled speed: MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

Enjoy unparalleled high speed like never before with the MBS longboard wheel. The design incorporates perfectly balanced hardness with high-rebound urethane. As a result, you get to enjoy the best experience on rough roads.

Not just that, the wheels are also a superb choice for sidewalks. It ensures a stable ride despite the cracks and holes in the pavements.

Furthermore, it has a comfortable size that distributes the weight throughout your skateboard. So, you can easily choose it for your long rides.

Unlike flat-styled wheels, these come with a superior grip. So, it doesn’t matter if you are riding on a smooth road or a bumpy track with gravel all around. These wheels will always have your back and prevent unwanted accidents.

Not to mention, these roll-over Intersections quite smoothly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about that either while you are enjoying your ride.

A crucial thing to keep in mind here is to check whether your board comes with any cutouts or not. If not, then you might need to add a riser pad to it. This will enhance efficiency and prevent wheel bites.

Lastly, we cannot skip the stylish outlook of this wheel. The smart design of the exterior prevents any dirt, grass, or soil from accumulating. Thus, it takes care of all the debris from the road.

Technical Details

  • Hardness: 78A
  • Diameter: 100 mm
  • Width: 65 mm
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
Why Do We Love It?
  • Impressive speed on off-roads
  • Outstanding traction on bumpy tracks
  • No issues while riding on grass
  • A great choice for long rides
  • Remarkable dirt handling mechanism
What should improve?
  • The wheels are on the heavier side
  • Often shows slight wobbling issues


The MBS longboard wheels are the ultimate option for the best safety and speed. Besides, it is loaded with a whole heap of features that elevates your experience entirely.

7. Fireball Tinder Longboard Wheels: Best for smaller longboards

Fireball Tinder Longboard Wheels

When you think of a high-quality wheel for small longboards, the Fireball Tinder longboard wheel is the best option available in the market. The architectural design of the wheels complements your longboard perfectly.

Besides, the 60-millimeter diameter blends with your mini-cruisers and small longboards seamlessly. Thus, it creates an attractive outlook.

Not to mention, all those features come at quite an affordable price point. So, it is the best cheap longboard wheels for rough roads.

Next, it has super-long urethane lines. These lines help to ensure a consistent grip while sliding. They also guide your path by showing how far you are going to slide.

As a result, you can avoid unnecessary mishaps. What is even more interesting is that the traction does not bother with your speed. So, you don’t have to go through any interruptions.

The wheels allow you to glide smoothly over cracks and holes of the street. That is why it is ideal for cruising and freeriding. Moreover, fiberglass provides it the strength to handle all these obstacles.

Unlike regular longboard wheels, the Fireball Tinder wheels provide a high-quality centerset core. This core facilitates predictable slides and makes your ride pleasurable.

Technical Details

  • Core: 50% Centerset
  • Contact Patch: 35 mm
  • Diameter: 60 mm
  • Hardness: 81A
Why Do We Love It?
  • Perfect for small longboards
  • Leaves huge urethane lines
  • Super-convenient predictable slides
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Comfortable for freeriding and dancing
What should improve?
  • Do not come with bearings
  • Might take a while to get used to it


Finding good-quality wheels for small longboards is not that easy. But the Fireball Tinder wheels surpass all your expectations by providing the best facilities. So, don’t miss your chance to bring these home and jump on your board for a smooth ride on rough roads.

8. IWONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery Longboard Wheels: Best wheel core

IWONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery Longboard Wheels

This one in our list is known for its exceptional core design. The wheel uses damping foam technology for the core. By this, it eliminates all the vibration from the road.

As a result, you get a smooth ride on any surface. It can roll on a muddy road or rocky track, or even on the grass without any problems.

When you take a closer look at the wheel, you will notice that it has a curved design. Hence, this curvature helps your longboard to maintain a proper balance throughout your journey.

It also maximizes the grip when you speed up your pace. That means it lessens the possibility of accidents and increases safety measures.

Speaking of safety, let’s not forget about the impact resistance of this skateboard wheel. Because of the composite materials in the core, you get to enjoy the best impact resistance.

Finally comes compatibility. As already mentioned, the wheel has a unique shape and texture. Due to the structural design, it fits into almost any longboard model.

Technical Details

  • Hardness: 78A
  • Diameter: 120 mm
  • Tread: Multi-step pattern
  • Wheel buckle: Discovery core
Why Do We Love It?
  • Core minimizes excessive vibration from the road
  • Outstanding stability in any surface
  • Protects during high-speed sliding
  • Top-notch impact resistance
  • Amazing compatibility with different longboards
  • Insufficient instructions on the manual
  • Do not include built-in spacers


With the best core design, the wheels provide extraordinary stability while riding on rough roads. So, if you want to enjoy the best support from your longboard, go for the IWONDER Cloud Wheels.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Longboard Wheels For Rough Roads

Apart from the product details, you need to know certain factors before buying longboard wheels for rough roads. These factors determine whether the wheel is suitable for you or not. So, here we are explaining all the aspects briefly.

how to choose Longboard Wheels for Rough Roads - review and buying guide


The first thing that you should notice in your skateboard is its durometer or hardness. And so, before buying a longboard wheel, determine what your requirements are. For example, for high speed, choose wheels with a durometer of 88A to 98A.

On the other hand, softer wheels are better for protection against rough conditions. Therefore, if you enjoy riding on rough roads, go for a lower durometer. You can try from 70A and work up to 87A to determine which one suits you best.

Wheel shape

Although many people neglect this factor, it is super important to consider before buying a longboard wheel. Let me explain to you why.

When you are riding on a smoother road, things are quite easier for you to balance. As the road is not too bumpy, the shape of your wheel doesn’t matter a lot.

However, when you are considering a rugged road, you need a shape that provides you with greater support. Therefore, square or beveled edges help you to balance out the crevices of the road. Nonetheless, you can always go for a smooth and rounded shape for better speed.


Choosing the correct diameter is another crucial factor to enjoy the best experience. Besides, you cannot fit a wheel of any random size to your longboard. It needs to be compatible with the model that you’re using.

That is why always make sure to check the fitment before purchasing. Again, the diameter is responsible for fastening or slowing your pace. You see, wheels from 60 to 65 mm are ideal for fast acceleration.

On the other side, 70 to 105 mm wheels are better for a slower pace. Hence, keep that in mind and choose wisely.

Wheel core

Just like the other aspects, considering the appropriate wheel core is also essential. The core of the wheel balances out the temperature when you are riding your skateboard. Thus, it ensures safety and stability.

You can find three different types of cores in the market. The first one is the centerset core. It is ideal for rough and critical road conditions. After that, you have the most popular side core. And finally, here comes the backset cores. These cores work impressively well during off-road riding.

Contact patch

The last aspect that we are going to discuss today is the contact patch or simply CP. First, let me explain how it works.

Well, contact patches are typically the exterior of the wheels that make contact with the ground. Now, as we are looking for a wheel that can provide us with a decent amount of grip, we need to focus on that surface of the wheel.

To get an optimum grip during off-road rides, you can try several ranges of CP. Still, we recommend between  46 to 65 millimeters. Also, keep in mind that the acceleration of your skateboard also depends on these patches. So, make sure to pick the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to cover all the aspects that you need to know throughout the article. Nevertheless, if you still have queries, check out this section. We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions and tried to answer them.

What Can I Do to My Wheels for A Smoother Longboard Ride?

To enjoy a smooth ride, you can try replacing all the bearings of your wheel with the new ones. Also, make sure that both the exterior and interior are clean and everything is tightly secured.

What Type of Protection Do I Need for Riding on A Rough Road?

You should wear a few protective gears like pads and helmets to avoid unwanted mishaps on a rough road. These types of roads are known for being unforgiving most times.

Why Can’t I Use Normal Wheels During Rough Road Ridings?

Well, the normal wheels do not focus well on enhancing traction control and hardness. Not to mention, they’d wear out pretty fast compared to heavy duty wheels that are made for rough roads. Therefore, those wheels are not safe for rough roads.

Is It Safe to Use Longboard Wheels While Riding on The Sand?

designated longboard wheels for rough roads include a special DNA formula to extend the support as well as the life expectancy. This formula helps you to ride safely in the sand without any issues.

Can I Perform Stunts and Tricks with Wheels for Rough Roads?

Wheels for rough roads tend to have more grip. That is why these wheels are not the best option to perform stunts and tricks with. If you’re after stunts with occasional rough road cruising, go for offset wheels.

Final Thoughts

We’ve discussed quite a few heavy duty longboard wheels throughout the discussion. All of them have unique features that make them special. Nonetheless, to pick only one out of these amazing products, I’ll go with the Orangatang Kegel one as the best longboard wheels for rough roads.

The outstanding design and the proportionate durometer of these wheels prevent any unpleasant occurrences while riding on a rough track. Besides, the exposed design of the core of them reduces the overall weight. Therefore, we highly recommend you to go for this longboard wheel and enjoy a safe ride.

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