10 Best Skateboards For Big Guys (Fat & Heavy Riders)

Don’t give up on skateboarding yet just because you are plus-size. We are reviewing the most promising skateboards to guide you into your exciting hobby.

Here, you’ll get to know which is the best skateboard for big guys that you can use without worrying about breaking it or falling down.

The best skateboard for heavy guys is CCS Skateboard Complete. Besides its popularity among professional skaters, this skateboard is known for its heavy-duty deck, truck, and wheels. And it comes fully assembled, ready to ride!

If you’re a big guy, there is nothing worse than trying to ride around on a small skateboard. It’s hard to balance and even harder to stop. You can’t go very fast either, while kids are racing each other!

To make your life easier, we have compiled the skateboards that are sturdy and big enough for your size.

Can Big Guys Skateboard?

Many people perceive that skateboarding to be a sport for only skinny and fit guys. The fact is, big guys can enjoy skating too! If you match the skill and have the right board combined with confidence, you will discover that skateboarding is easy and enjoyable.

And yes- your weight will affect your skateboarding but doesn’t mean that just because you are big you can skateboard.  You can skateboard if you are overweight as long as you have the skills, confidence and are using the right skateboard. Most people have a bad skating experience for using small skateboards. But Danny Way is about 180 lbs and is a professional quality skateboarder.

So nobody is too fat to skateboard; we only use small and weak boards and end up with a bad experience. Understand the weight limit of your skateboard and get a unit that can comfortably support your weight.

The maximum weight limit for skateboarding is usually about 272 lb. Long skirt boards have a limit of 300lbs. Then the penny skating board has about a 192 pound weight limit.

What Size Skateboard Should A Big Guy Get?

Big guys should get wide skateboards that support their size or feet and heavyweight. An expansive deck of about 8.5 inches is ideal to fit their feet perfectly.

The standard skateboard is about 8.0 to 8.25 inches but when you’re a heavy rider you need about that to give you enough space and support. That’s why you may want to consider it larger than 8.25. Whether you are tall or plus size a skating board of about 8.5 inches will serve you right.

One of the reasons you must get a good size skateboard as a big guy is because you don’t want to spend your money every other week after breaking the decks. So make sure to find skateboards that are strong enough to support your weight.

And, this is not just about the weight but also the material of construction. If your board has an extra layer of materials such as fiberglass you will support the extra weight you have. Of course, fiberglass can be irritating to the skin that will not break easily.

Comparison Chart:

Best Skateboards For Big GuysBrandMaterialDimensions Weight
 [CCS] Skateboard Complete[CCS]Wood27.8 x 7 x 3.8 in4.55 Pounds
 M Merkapa 31″ Pro Complete SkateboardM MerkapaWood30 x 8.9 x 3.6 in5.9 Pounds
 Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Complete SkateboardLandyachtzMaple27.99 x 7.01 x 4.02 in5.75 Pounds
Hawkeye 41 inch Freeride LongboardHawkeyeMaple41 x 9.5 x 4.2 in7.75 Pounds
 Idea Skateboards,31”X 8″ Pro Complete SkateboardIdeaMaple31.1 x 8.2 x 4.4 in5.07 Pounds
Fish Skateboards 41-Inch Downhill SkateboardFISH SKATEBOARDSMaple41 x 9.5 x 3.8 in7.5 Pounds
Blind Complete SkateboardsBlindMaple10.24 x 6.3 x 33.46 in5.05 Pounds
Enjoi Complete SkateboardsEnjoiMaple31 x 7.5 x 4 in4.41 Pounds
Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard Powell PeraltaPlastic deck PU wheels 31.4 x 8.6 x 4.7 in0.32 Ounces
POSITIV Team Complete SkateboardsPOSITIVMaple31.5 x 8 x 5 in5 Pounds

The 10 Best Skateboards for Big Guys 2023

Best Skateboards for Big Guys - review and buying guide

1. [CCS] Skateboard Complete: Best for Big Guys (Editor’s Choice)

The CCS brand of skateboards is trusted worldwide by millions of skaters. Since 1985, the company has been creating perfect budget skating products for all ages and sizes. One such product is the CCS Skateboard Complete. Let’s see what this fantastic skateboard offers.

[CCS] Skateboard Complete

Heavy-duty Deck

CCS Skateboard comprises a high-quality deck that mixes stiffness and flexibility. The deck is made of 7 ply maple wood board. It has a professional quality that can withstand heavyweight. You will skate year after year without any signs of wear and tear. Moreover, the length of the skateboard’s deck matches perfectly with the width of the board to allow your feet to well.

Heavy Gauge Wheels

The wheels are another crucial feature of a skateboard. If a skateboard doesn’t have smooth and sturdy wheels, your effort to skate will be challenging. CCS wheels are all white, 52mm and 100A durometer.

Their width and heavy gauge are great for riding smoothly on any surface. In addition, the wheels come with inbuilt ABEC 7 bearings. These guarantee you a smooth ride, even on bumpy roads.

High-quality Trucks

CCS offers professional quality trucks with this skateboard. These are made of a reinforced steel base plate to support heavy people with high weight, thus making it a great skateboard for big guys. To offer you a perfect truck assembly, CCS uses the standard one-inch hardware. Also, the trucks come mounted on the board for your convenience.

Full-assembled Unit

You don’t have to go through the inconvenience of reading user manual instructions to assemble your skateboard. Rather, order, receive, unpack, and get ready to glide on the track with your already assembled skateboard. The complete assembly guarantees you safety as the manufacturer fixes all the screws and bolts tightly in place.

Classy Shape

Everyone loves classic shapes and elegance. CCS Complete Skateboard offers you the most perfect and classic shape board. If you are a plus size, you will find the shape comfortable as you enjoy your favorite sport. You can cruise around and do several tricks with this classy and high-quality maple wood board.

Other Setups

CCS Skateboard extra features include black/blue/stickers, a skate tool (black), and a ccs grip on its deck (black). The entire board weighs just 4.55 lbs and has dimensions of 27.8 x 7 x 3.8 inches.

What we like
  • High-quality trucks for supporting heavyweights.
  • Affordable price.
  • It comes fully assembled as depicted.
  • Great color combination.
  • Professional finish with a great look.
  • Wide dimension with excellent symmetry.
What we don’t like
  • The paint on the board may peel off easily.
  • Unresponsive CCS customer service.


CCS Skateboard Complete is the perfect solution if you are looking for the best skateboard for big guys. Whether you are a beginner or veteran in the game, you will find the board easy to use. CCS is pre-assembled, rigid, and rolls out smoothly on the surface. The skating companion takes care of your plus size. Order today and fulfill your skating career!

2. M Merkapa 31″ Pro Complete Skateboard: Best for Big Feet

M Merkapa 31” Pro Complete Skateboard offers you a fully assembled complete set for a great skating experience. This brand by Merkapa is one of the most reputable in the skateboarding world. Once you get your order, you just hit the track. But many other features come with this fantastic board.

M Merkapa 31″ Pro Complete Skateboard

Heavy-duty Deck

Merkapa makes its skateboards with high-quality decks to let you skid without worrying about your weight. With the full-length grip tape, you have an assurance of stability. Further, the deck comes with a printed back thermal transfer. All these spell the durability of this sturdy skateboard.

Material Composition

This skater has a double kickboard. M Merkapa Pro 13” board is made of premium seven-ply Canadian maple wood. It’s light yet has durable material that allows you to perform double kicks and tricks without worrying about break-ups. Plus, the wide top will help you accommodate your big feet.

Fluid smooth Wheels

Merkapa’s 52 mm PU wheels offer big guys stability and advanced weight distribution on its deck. The wheel gauge is a guarantee for a comprehensive smooth slide. With five inches aluminum alloy trucks, you have a sturdy skateboard to ride on.

High-Speed Skateboard

Ideal skateboards should facilitate high speed. The secret to achieving the rate lies on the wheels. If the wheels are faulty, you cannot reach a smooth and electrifying speed. With the Merkapa pro, you get smooth wheels with inbuilt ABEC-9 bearings to facilitate smooth rolling to the finish line.


Skateboarding requires maximal stability and flexibility. And that’s what Merkapa offers. The deck’s dimension is 31″ x 8″. That gives you a longboard and a perfect width to support your weight up to 198 pounds. Whether adults, teenagers, or kids, Merkapa takes off their weight and stays firm.

What We Like
  • The set is completely assembled.
  • Great for beginners to learn.
  • Perfect board for doing tricks.
  • Highly recommended skateboards.
  • High-quality material composition.
What We Don't Like
  • Wheels may get rusty if not taken good care of.


With M Merkaba Pro 13”, you cannot trade the skateboard for any other, especially for people with big feet. The quality and durability are top-notch. You can roll, jump, and do any tricks without worrying about your weight impact on the board. The trucks are light, and the wheels are sturdy and flawless. Fulfill your skating adventures with this fantastic 13-inch skateboard.

3. Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Complete Skateboard: Best for Heavy design

If you are looking for a solid skateboard for rolling through winters and rough roads, this maple wood 28” skateboard will do the tricks. Made by Ladyyachtz, this Dinghy collection will cruise you smoothly for years without wearing out.

Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Complete Skateboard

Comes Complete

Buying a wholly assembled board saves you the hassle of matching the different parts. And this board comes completely assembled to help you unpack and go for a ride right away. It is also great value for your cash as you have guaranteed quality.

Versatile Wheels

A skateboard with medium size diameter is suitable for all your riding needs. Whether you are a big guy, medium or small, you have everything you require for a smooth ride in different terrains.

The wheels come with inbuilt bearings for achieving the fastest speed possible. You can also cruise through crowds and maneuver tricks with the help of these firm and versatile 78A wheels.

Perfect Dimensions

To achieve an A-game, you need the perfect skateboard dimension. Landyachtz Dinghy measures 27.99 x 7.01 x 4.02 inches and only weighs 5.75 pounds. That means the board is lightweight and wide enough to support your feet.

Shallow Concave Deck

Deck design determines your stability. Skating experts recommend shallow or minimal concave( relatively flat) to allow you a lower center of gravity.  Landyachzt has a shallow concave to give you more stability as you grip the board.

Heavy-duty Deck

Landyachtz designs its skateboard decks with high-quality material. To be specific, Dinghy is made of premium 7-ply Canadian maple board. The premium wood makes the product hardy and the best skateboard for big guys.

What We Like
  • Landyachtz is a heavy-duty and long-lasting design.
  • Lightweight (5.75 pounds)
  • Tough wheels for challenging tricks.
  • It comes with a wide board that fits all sizes.
  • The medium wheels allow all riding styles.
What We Don't Like
  • The shallow concave reduces complete control of the board.


Landyachtz Dinghy promises an A-game. The cruising board is solid and flexible enough to slide you through bad roads such as winters and uneven walkways. Buying this track-oriented skateboard means outright success in your skating games. Get this high-performance skateboard for fat guys.

4. Hawkeye 41 inch Freeride Longboard: Best for beginners

Hawkeye 41 inch freeride longboard design by Hawkeye combines elegance with stability on unstable terrains. The skateboard company is known for its extra creativity in making longboards for free boarding, speed walking, and free riding. Buying this skateboard offers you several features.

Hawkeye 41 inch Freeride Longboard

All Level Skater

Whether you are a pro or just beginning your skating adventures, this longboard is ideal for all levels. Whichever your experience, you can do basic or complicated stunts and tricks without any limitation.


If you are looking for skateboards for heavy people, consider Hawkeye 41”. The board is heavy duty for its high density build that comprises eight layers of natural Canadian maple. The layers are dense enough to support a heavy weight of up to 330 Pounds.

It is worth mentioning the skater’s seven-inch heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks. These assure you of durability. In addition, the steel axle is reliable for anyone looking for heavy skateboards.

Long And Slender Deck

Hawkeye is a decent design for everyone, including adults, teenagers, and kids. You can lean sidewards, backward, or forward as you perform your tricks. Hawkeye’s longboard design allows you to street ride with maximum flexibility and comfort.

Super Smooth Wheels

Hawkeye skaters have smooth antishock wheels. The essential feature is made of ABEC chrome steel and 70x52mm/HR82A PU. Its SHR95A offers super soft bushings that deliver the smoothest ride.

Included Skate Kit

When you buy Hawkeye skaters, the packaging comes with a skate T-Tool. The kit has got everything that you require to tighten or repair the mechanism. No worries about assembling, it comes already assembled.

What We Like
  • Solid and durable board.
  • Complete and assembled skaters.
  • Affordable skating kit.
  • Stable and steady boards.
  • Perfect skateboard for beginners.
What We Don’t Like
  • Low-cost Chinese parts.


Are you in need of long and heavy skateboards? Hawkeye offers precisely that. They will like the stable longboards for their training sessions. Beginners find the board easy to control and can achieve maximum speed at their respective levels. Besides, the enticing design is excellent for everyone in the family.

5. Idea Skateboard 31” x 8″ Pro Complete Skateboard: Best for Tricks

The 31” x 8″ Pro Complete Skateboard by Idea is a perfect companion to all your skateboarding tricks and slides. Whether in the advanced or beginner stage, you will find it comfortable cruising with this fantastic board.

Idea Skateboard 31” x 8″ Pro Complete Skateboard


The skaters weigh only 5.1 pounds. This weight does not limit any person, whether young or adult, indulging in the sport. Beginners will find the weight reasonable as well as the skating professionals.

Skateboard Dimensions

Idea skateboard is made of longboarders with a little longer form factor than usual. The dimension if this board is 31.1” x 7.87″ x 3.94″. This length, especially the 32″ length is great for stability and flexibility as you maneuver various tricks.

Deck Material

These skateboards are made of Canadian Maple and come in seven layers. You can skate confidently regardless of your weight as the material is sturdy enough to support you. Idea skateboard’s design is a perfect choice for fat guys.

Truck Material

Trucks are essential features in skateboards that bear all your weight above the deck. Skaters with poorly designed and cheap trucks expose you to accidents. In addition, they do not offer you the much-required support.

To give you adequate support, Idea designs the essential feature with aluminum material to reinforce the entire wheeling system.

Smooth Sturdy Wheels

Idea wheel design combines inbuilt ABEC 7 bearings and superior material to facilitate smooth riding. The wheels come with  53mm 102A PU quality to allow you to maneuver and perform your skating tricks effectively.

Pre-assembled Unit

When you buy Idea skateboards, you have no worries about assembling the different parts. The unit will arrive fully assembled and ready to use. Your work is to get on track and start riding or doing tricks.

Other Setups

With Idea skaters, you’ve got a double kick concave creativity for stable playability. You can do 360’s tricks and the OL action, making this skateboard an ideal choice for stunts and tricks.

What We Like
  • Pre-assembled parts make work easier for you.
  • The colorful design is a thriller for youngsters.
  • Excellent quality for the price.
  • Perfect board for trainees.
What We Don’t Like
  • Limited speed.
  • The truck bushings are massive; thus get loose faster.


Learning to skate is easy with the correct skaters or skateboard. If you are a plus size, you require a strong board that can support heavyweight. Idea Skateboard 31 inches bears a weight of up to 300 kg. Treat yourself to this fantastic skater and enjoy guaranteed customer service beyond the transaction stage.

6. Fish Skateboards 41-Inch Downhill Skateboard: Best for 300 pounds guys

Fish Skateboards are pre-assembled for quality assurance at a high level. Whether you are a skating trainee or a professional, the 41 inch Downhill longboard  style skateboard does a good job with all levels expertise.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels


With a 41 inches long deck, this skater is considered a longboard. It comes with a wide dimension of 41 x 9 inches to make it easy to perform basic tricks and stunts.


This 41-Inch Downhill Longboard Skateboard has a high density of eight-layer Canadian-grade maple wood. Many skating experts consider the maple wood material as first grade as the wood offers extra strength and durability.

In addition, the skateboard combines high-quality and thick aluminum trucks with steel axles to give quality and durable grade skaters. With the 7 inches truck thickness, you have the perfect support for your heavyweight.

Non-slip Deck Surface

Slippery skateboard decks are dangerous, especially if you do tricks and stunts. Also, to play a winning game, you need a perfect grip under your feet. That is why Fishboard designs this skateboard with a non-slip surface for a stable and firm grip during your maneuvers.

Weight Support

Downhill Longboard skaters can support a max weight of up to 330 pounds. That means the product is ideal for both adults and kids. If you are that heavy guy looking for skateboards for fat guys, you will find the skater reliable.

PU Wheels

When you buy a Downhill Longboard, you will get to enjoy a smooth and electrifying ride. The skaters’ PU wheels facilitate a speedy ride, thanks to the superior smoothness of the feature.

This premium wheel is a 70x51mm HR82A grade and comes with Abec-9 Chrome steel for perfect wheel reinforcement. The wheel bushings are SHR95A, a unique quality that enhances smooth ride even on rough surfaces.

Skate T-Tool

Without a tool kit, you will have to call for a professional to attend to your skating board. Downhill skaters are all-inclusive. The packaging comes with a Skate T-Tool to help you fix everything with simple DIY tricks.

What We Like
  • Great quality.
  • Excellent design for beginners.
  • The wheels roll super smoothly.
  • Minor design flaws.
What We Don’t Like
  • The thick deck does not allow flexibility.
  • Poor artistry.


Order your downhill skateboard and fulfill your skating career. The skaters support heavy weights up to 300 pounds. This seven-layer Canadian maple board is hardy and allows you to skate with optimal stability. The skateboard is not only reliable but comes complete for you to hit the streets.

7. Blind Complete Skateboards: Best Heavy-duty

Blind by Mark Gonzales is famous for its production of decks, wheels, and other skating accessories. This specific design is perfect for youngsters of all sizes and weights. They are easy to turn and allow you to perform several skating tricks.

Blind Complete Skateboards

7-ply Birchwood

Birchwood is a hardwood that provides superior skating boards. Blind Complete Skateboard comprises seven layers of this native wood glued together for a stiff and extra hold. It offers the reliability and durability required in skateboarding. No matter your weight, you will have confidence performing your stunts and trucks.

Single Deck Press

Looking for a concave deck press? Blind complete skateboarding is the perfect solution. The deck comes with a considerable medium concave shape for the tightest foot grip and stability.


These are made of rigid and smooth material to achieve a great and quick ride. The carbon steel bearings enhance fast speed. Blind’s wheels are also medium size to allow your youngsters to ride flawlessly.


Blind comes with 8.0″ x 31.6″ x 14″ WB dimensions. The dimension is medium and perfect enough for young guys. If you’re a big foot person with large feet, no worries, this one has enough room for you.

Complete Skateboard

Blind skateboards are pre-assembled for you. You don’t have to deal with confusing hardware parts. The factory assembly is also tight enough to eliminate the possibility of loose nuts.

What We Like
  • Blind skateboards are pre-assembled.
  • Multi-colored for enticing youngsters.
  • Blind is a quality and affordable skating board.
What We Don't Like
  • The skateboard doesn’t have tensors for heavy-weight skaters.


If you are hunting for skater boards for your kids, you have got Blind skateboards. Buy this ideal skater and solve the issue of assembling parts. The board is pre-assembled, meaning that you don’t have to master the components. Your kids will love the luminous colors and also ride without outgrowing the skaters.

8. Enjoi Complete Skateboards: Best for the budget

Enjoi Complete skateboard is yet another quality skateboard by Enjoi. Many professional skaters recommend the model because of its versatile and mild concave deck. The most outstanding feature on this skating board is the unmistakable white Panda cartoon.

Enjoi Complete Skateboards

Resin 7 Construction

This item is made of a resin seven construction. That means the manufacturer soaks the board with resin glue and not a water-based formula. A resin glue creates a formidable bond between the plywood. The composition makes the board recognizable for tough skating.

Complete Board

A complete board doesn’t require any assembly of the parts. The unit comes with the TGM wheels, trucks, bearings, and hardware, all assembled. The wheels are 52mm, are robust, and roll smoothly on the streets. Core trucks are high grade (99A),  decent quality for all your skating adventures.

Deck Quality

Enjoi has always maintained a trusted and quality skateboard deck. The manufacturer presses each board at a time with resin glue to form the most formidable deck ever. To ensure the quality and the concave shape, Enjoi molds the Canadian maple veneer board with care to ensure that it does not pop up poorly.


Overall, Enjoi Complete Skateboard trucks fit perfectly to hold the board. The parts are purely aluminum alloy to sustain your weight, which is relatively light for any street skating event. These come with a grade eight axle for reinforcing them in place.

Bushing And Bearings

Made in the USA, these bearings are the best in the market. Together with the pivot cup, they make Enjoi the best skateboard for big guys.

What We Like
  • Comfortable grips.
  • The board comprises solid and durable Canadian maple veneers.
  • Quality grade.
  • Smooth 52-mm 99A wheels that allow a faultless skate in parks and streets
What We Don't Like
  • Enjoi trucks are not great for downhill rolling.


Enjoi skateboards are a real deal for anyone who knows what they want. It is a good board for all levels, whether a newbie or a veteran. Order your board and jump to the skate park without worrying about the durability of this great product. You will also not require to assemble the unit. It is ready to use!

9. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard: Best for fat people

Powell Golden Dragon is a high grade and affordable complete skateboard. The board’s distinct features make it ideal for all levels of riders. If your priority is quality, then this skateboard will provide you with the exact attributes. You can balance your weight well without minding about damages on the board.

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Sturdy Deck

PGD comes from excellent sources in Asia, with a composition of a 13.75 inches wheelbase and a seven-inch nose. The deck’s tail is 6.625 inches. For a tight grip, the concave is K12, with the whole board length standing at 31.625”. The size tells you that PGD is a longboard. PGD board’s width is approximately 7 inches, which is wide enough to allow you to turn swiftly.

Top Board

PGD design includes unique specifications, with each veneer layer undergoing a production test. The top board has a strong grip and measures 7.6″ x 31.5″. It also comes with a vibrant screen-printed bottom.

Heavy duty Wheels

The wheels diameter is 54 mm with a width of 37mm. With a  99a hardness grade, this is extra power for supporting your heavyweight on the deck. In addition, the inbuilt bushes and bearings allow easy rolling of the wheels on harsh surfaces.

Reinforced Trucks

PGD forms its trucks out of reinforced plastic. These are 7.6 inches wide, with an aluminum axle supporting and holding the pair firmly in place.

What We Like
  • Smooth-rolling wheels.
  • Great skaters for beginners.
  • Vibrant and nice looking.
What we don't like
  • The plastic trucks are non as durable.


You can begin your skating career with a PGD Flying complete board. The skateboards are ideal for starters as they come with more user-friendly features. PGD boards are well constructed, sturdy,  and colorful for any determined learner.

10. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards: Best for slides

Riding the POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards means that you will cruise like the famous trio  Andy Macdonald, Rodney Jones, and Carlos De Andrade. The Spring 2012 Digital Series comprises ready-to-use complete boards.

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

Each of the POSITIV decks comes with a demanding specification from its manufacturer, Skate One. And this one, in particular is great for sliding, showing tricks, and doing stunts.

Strong Birch Board

Skate One uses the native birch wood veneer and AirLam skateboard presses to get a top-notch board. The process includes fusing multiple plies of birch wood using superior waterproof glue that seals any possible moisture out.  POSITIV’s bottom comes with an SST coating to enhance the skateboard’s slides.

Deck, Trucks,  And Wheel

The team comes with a superior deck, truck, and wheel specifications.

  • Deck Specifications: Screened bottom, Length 31.375”, wheelbase 13.875”, shape 124, tail 6.5”, nose 6.75”, Concave k12.
  • Wheel specifications: black color; gauge 99a, width 37 mm, diameter 54 mm, POSITIV super high rebound. The wheels are perfect for streets and skate parks.
  • Truck specification: Width 7.625 mm.

Great design for slides

Sliding on high speed skate rides is where this board will give you superior control at. The heavy duty wheels with a great truck construction apart from the strong deck, you won’t fall short on sliding and showing tricks around.

What We Like
  • Sturdy board.
  • Well built skateboard.
  • Superior specifications.
  • Wheels roll easily.
What We Don’t Like
  • Misleading wheels and truck material.


Sliding like the POSITIV Team requires robust skaters. The brand offers you superior quality skateboards that suits enormous body weight. Acquire this pre-assembled best skateboard for big and cruise with confidence in the streets.

POSITIV board is long enough for easy maneuverability. You will find the POSITIV Team irresistible, elegant, durable, and reliable.

Things to Look for When Buying Best Skateboard for Big Guys

Buying the best skateboard for big guys requires you to look for certain specifications that perfectly support your heavyweight. Here are the primary things to look out for;

how to choose Skateboard For Big Guys - buying guide

Weight Limit

Before embarking on shopping for a skateboard, the weight factor is an essential consideration. If you are a plus weight, you will focus only on skateboards for heavy guys. Many skateboard manufacturers indicate the weight limit to guide.

Higher weight limits offer the better the skaters. Sports experts warn that boards with 220 pounds or less weight limit are a hazard for you.

You may want to explore boards that support up to 300 lbs. These will be outstanding as they can bear any weight from 250 pounds and above.

If you haven’t taken your weight for a couple of weeks, do not assume that a specific weight limit indicated on a skateboard will support you. Take your weight before you embark on your shopping adventure.

Deck Material

Skater decks come in different materials. The most durable for heavy guys are hardwood maple, bamboo, birch, and fiberglass.

Mostly, the board is made of layers of veneer bonded together with resin glue or water-based adhesive. There are as many as eight layers. The thinnest board you can get is a three-ply, but that is not good enough.

The more the layers, the more quality the board becomes. An eight-layer board is ideal for heavyweights, is durable, and will last you many years.

Aside from wooden boards are the bamboo and fiberglass material. Bamboo and fiberglass materials are more durable than their wooden counterparts. If you find them in the market, don’t hesitate as the material doesn’t gamble with durability.

Truck and Wheels

You need sturdy trucks and wheels to support your heavyweight. A combination of 40-degree angle trucks on smooth wheels will let you acquire stability and high speed.

Besides smooth wheels, size determines performance. A 2.75 inches thickness in wheels is ideal. Suppose you get wider ones, the better. You can cruise flawlessly with more support on the wheel.

Another crucial factor is the wheels’ durometer. Look for a higher rating above the 78A rating. These are more durable and stable. As you consider the wheel size, don’t overlook the texture. Softer wheels offer a perfect grip as you glide along.

Deck Width

A more expansive deck offers you enough balance for performing different tricks. The more expansive the deck, the more stability, and the more you will achieve high speed.

As you consider the board width, watch out for the length. Note that if you are tall and heavy, sliding with small and narrower boards is dangerous.

A perfect way to gauge the ideal board for yourself is knowing your height. And weight. If you are a heavy rider, a 10 inches deck is appropriate.

The Skateboard Shape

Shape is an aesthetic factor, but together with size they allow perfect weight distribution on a skateboard. Hunting for the best skateboard for big guys should center on the regular concave-shaped boards.

A protruding wheel from the deck is also an outstanding choice. You will find a variety among the available brands in the market.


Budget options should match the quality of your skateboards. There are expensive skaters worth thousands of dollars, but that does not guarantee quality.

You can still get a quality board for a few hundred. But you should be keen not to get lured by low prices that offer boards that don’t last a season. The variation in prices could be because of quality, demand, supply, and several other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Heavy Guys Skateboard?

Yes, heavy guys can skateboard. If you are a plump, all you need to do is purchase a skateboard that is sturdy, long, and wide enough to support your weight and plus-size feet. Consider one of our boards on the list of best skateboards for big guys.

What Is the Maximum Weight Limit for Skateboards?

Skateboards can hold up to 300 lbs, but the recommended maximum weight is 272.3 lbs. Experts recommended this weight limit based on speed and force. The two factors will allow you to easily perform various tricks and maneuvers.

What Is the Ideal Skateboard Size for Fat Guys?

The standard size for skateboards is 8.0/8.25 inches. For the plus-size and heavy riders, you have to extend that with several points. 8.25 to 8.5 inches is a perfect size for heavy guys.

Can Fat Guys Skate?

If you are a plus-size guy, you have no reason not to skate. Rather, you can go skate and have fun just like others. All you require is a perfect skateboard, practice, and confidence. And most of all, knowing the basics of skateboarding for heavy riders will help you greatly.

What Skateboard Should I Get for My Heavy Weight?

If you are a heavy weight, you require a skateboard that is strong enough to hold your weight. Consider a Canadian maple wood skateboard with up to eight layers. You can also go for the boards with a higher weight limit than your weight.

Final Thoughts

Your huge size should not limit you from skateboarding. There are a variety of skateboards for all body sizes, even if you weigh much more than regular people. The boards come in different lengths and widths. The various designs include sturdy decks, trucks, and wheels. We hope you’ve already found the one that suites your needs from the list above.

If you want our editorial choice for the best skateboard for big guys, we’d suggest the [CCS] Skateboard Complete board. It’s great for heavy duty riders because of its heavy duty build. With 100A hardness and 4.55 lbs weight, it’s sturdy enough to withstand people who weigh more than the average of 220 lbs.  Plus, its 52 mm top-notch wheels will make turns and tricks a lot easier.

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