How to Fix a Hoverboard That Won’t Turn on? The Easiest Way!

A hoverboard is a portable, electric, two-wheeled transportation that has become quite the craze these days. Indeed, these self-balancing scooters pose a futuristic look alongside making commuting easier.

Well, that until your ride goes numb and doesn’t turn on! There could be different reasons why you’ve ended up with a hoverboard that won’t even turn on. So, how to fix a hoverboard that won’t turn on?

You can go DIY with this, find out the problem, and fix the hoverboard yourself! Tighten some loose wires, get the battery fixed, repair a bad connection, or replace a malfunctioning sensor and get the board fixed.

There is more to the inspection through to find what’s causing the issue in the first place. Why not get to the topic and discuss it through?

Possible Causes of Why Hoverboard Won’t Turn on

Only the right inspection can lead you to the most feasible solution. So, let’s go through the possible reasons why your hoverboard won’t turn on.

Possible Causes of Why Hoverboard Won’t Turn on


The first thing I would check if my hoverboard didn’t turn on, is the battery. Bad batteries are the most common reason why your hoverboard won’t turn on. Although the battery pack is lithium-ion, they still have a finite life. They will usually last anywhere between one and two years. Symptoms of a degrading or dead battery include:

  • A beeping, flashing red light
  • The performance of the board steadily decreasing over time

The wires are loose

Loose wires are a common problem if your hoverboard won’t turn on. Loose wires can interrupt the supply of current to the motor.

Bad connection

Bad connections could also be the reason that your hoverboard won’t turn on. It can affect the flow of current to the motor of the hoverboard.

Gyroscope and other sensor malfunction

A malfunctioning gyroscope or sensor can be the reason why the hoverboard won’t turn on. Plus, a malfunction on the motherboard can also cause the hoverboard not to turn on.

You’ll often get your sensors damaged if you don’t have the right weight. You should be at least 45 lbs and within the limit at maximum. If you weigh more, be sure to get a hoverboard for heavy adults that can carry you effortlessly.

A broken charging port or charger

If your hoverboard doesn’t turn on, a broken charging port could be the cause. A malfunctioning charger could also be the reason the hoverboard won’t turn on.

If the charger is working, the LED light should turn red when plugged in. The light will turn green if it’s bad but the color may vary from one manufacturer to another.

Check if you’ve plugged in the charger the wrong way. The charger won’t charge unless it’s plugged incorrectly.


The motors are within the wheel on most hoverboards. They can get damaged easily if the hoverboard is abused. Off-road use, while it’s fun, will reduce the longevity of your hoverboard wheels, as they will deteriorate much faster than regular.

Once the wheel is damaged, it can also damage the motor, which also, naturally, deteriorates over time.

Riding the hoverboard in wet conditions

If riding in wet conditions, the dampness can get inside the circuit boards. Circuit boards and water do not mix as water will damage the internal circuits of the motherboard. If the hoverboard got wet, turn it off.

How to Fix a Hoverboard That Won’t Turn On?

Now that we’ve identified the problems, we can look at how we can fix a hoverboard that won’t turn on. Before that, be sure to check the warranty to see if you can still have it repaired by the manufacturer/supplier.

How to Fix a Hoverboard That Won’t Turn on , easy fix

  1. Replace the Battery: This is an easy DIY job as the battery is easy to get to and replace. You can easily purchase a battery for your hoverboard online.
  2. Fixing the Wires:  Unscrew the casing and look for any loose wiring on the main circuit board. Test each cable by pulling and reattaching them to locate the problem cable.
  3. Repair the bad connections: First, open the hoverboard casing. Then check inside where the cables are for a loose connection.
  4. Fix the gyroscope and other sensors: If you feel comfortable with electronics, replace the gyroscope or the circuit board. If not, find a technician to do this for you. If the motherboard itself is causing system errors, then you should send it to a qualified technician who will check for trouble codes.
  5. Bad charger or charging ports: If the problem is with the charging port is easily remedied by replacing the bad charging port. If the problem is with a bad charger, you can also purchase one online to replace it.
  6. Fixing the wheels/motors: Both wheels and motors can be replaced, but it won’t be an easy job. Try to reach a professional who’s okay with tearing the hoverboard down and soldering new connections.
  7. Treat wet conditions:  Remove both the batteries and the motherboard. Let them continue to dry overnight after wiping them down with a dry cloth.  After reinstalling the battery and motherboard, turn on the hoverboard. If it doesn’t start, then you might be up for a new motherboard, which you can purchase online.

Final advice

Now you know how to fix a hoverboard that won’t turn on with all the possible causes as well. If you’ve checked all the problems we’ve mentioned above, and still haven’t found a fix as listed, things might be gone out of your reach.

In that case, you should look for a professional service to get your hoverboard fixed. And if it is covered under the warranty, then you can have it repaired, or replaced without any issues.

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