How to Wrap a Skateboard? 2 Easiest Ways Explained

Skateboard can be a great present to give on Christmas, birthdays, or any other casual occasions. I still remember my first skate that my father gave me on Christmas, covered in a red and blue wrapping paper.

Well, when it’s about giving presents, one thing that creates the first impression is the wrapping. But the thing is, not many people know how to wrap a skateboard properly because of its unusual and unique shape.

If you’re also stuck with a skateboard wrapping dilemma, just shake off the confusion! Throughout this article, I’ll show you how to wrap a skateboard in the most simple and effective way. So, let’s get to it

What You’ll Need to Wrap a Skateboard?

Wrapping a skateboard is not as difficult as most people think it is. If you have the proper tools and follow the proper procedure, you can wrap a skateboard in a matter of minutes.

Wondering what tools and equipment you will need to wrap a skateboard? Check out the section below to discover them:

What You'll Need to Wrap a Skateboard

How to Wrap a Skateboard?

You’ll find many quality skateboards with different price ranges and functions to give your favorite person as a present. From finding a good skateboard under 100 bucks to thousands of dollars, it can be super easy to find the desired one.

How to Wrap a Skateboard

However, the tricky part is the wrapping process. Fear not, because I’m here to make this tricky part easier. Although there are many ways you can wrap your skateboard, this article will discuss the two easiest process, including:

  • Wrap the Skateboard With Butcher and Wrapping Paper
  • Wrap the Skateboard With the Help of a Cardboard Box

Let’s take a look at both these processes, and you can apply the one you like.

1. Wrap the Skateboard with Butcher Paper and Gift Wrapper

This method is most preferable if you want to save some time and cost on the wrapping. Here, you’ll need to use butcher paper, gift wrapper, and tape. Once you arrange all the tools, follow the below steps to perform skateboard wrapping:

Wrap the Skateboard with Butcher Paper and Gift Wrapper

Wrap the Butcher Paper:

Start with wrapping the skateboard with butcher paper, or you can also use any other type of thick paper. Cover the whole skateboard with butcher paper, cut the extra part and use tape to keep the paper in place.

Start Wrapping With Gift Wrapper:

Once you completely cover the skateboard with butcher paper, it’s time to proceed with the wrapping process. Here are the steps you need to follow to wrap the skateboard with a gift wrapper:

  • Flip or move the skateboard in a manner that its wheels are facing you.
  • Then start wrapping from the corner and never put any pressure while performing wrapping.

Secure the Gift Wrapper With Tape

Once the wrapping is done, or you’ve covered the whole area, secure the gift wrapper with tape. Tape the paper the way that each and every corner is perfectly secure.

Note: After you finish both wrapping and tapping, be sure to look at the corner and edges and smoothen them with tape. However, keep in mind that using butcher paper easily hide the skateboard’s structure, but the wrapping remains quite vulnerable. So, be very careful while handling the gift.

2. Wrap the Skateboard with a Cardboard Box

If you want to wrap your gift completely hiding the shape of the object, using a cardboard box is the best solution. And you can find step by step guidance on this wrapping method by following the section below:

Wrap the Skateboard with a Cardboard Box

Take Measurements:

Start with measuring the length, width, and height of the skateboard. Also, don’t forget to measure from one end to the other for an accurate result. Once you know the board’s assessment, find cardboard according to the shape or size. You can either look on Amazon or check nearby hardware stores.

Prepare the Box:

I admit, it’s not easy to find a cardboard box according to the size of your skateboard. Your best bet is to find one somewhat near the skateboard and then resize the box. Get a box and cut it based on your skateboard’s size and shape.

Note: While cutting the cardboard box, remember to keep some extra room or space. So that you can place your skateboard without making any tight fit issues.

Place the Skateboard:

Once your box is ready, place the skateboard into the box and close the box. After closing or enfolding the box, use tape to secure the box.

Note: While placing the skateboard inside the box, try to put foam peanuts, foam, bubble-wrap, or packing peanuts to keep the board in place.

Proceed the Wrapping:

Here is the final step- begin the wrapping process. Start the wrapping process using a wrapping paper you think would befit the occasion and follow the below steps for guidance:

  • Cut the wrapping paper according to the cardboard box’s size and shape.
  • Place the box at the wrapping paper’s central position and start wrapping from the left and right sides. Also, secure the wrapping with tape.
  • After that, wrap the other remaining two sides and seal them with tape.

Note: Simply tape all the edges and use transparent tape while wrapping a gift including a skateboard.

Final Thoughts

Gift wrapping is always important as it helps to make the gift more special and adds some suspense to it. If you’re planning to buy a skateboard as a present, then it’s essential to wrap the board with attractive wrapping paper.

And since now you know how to wrap a skateboard and all related aspects, I believe it won’t be an issue anymore. Most of these necessary components are common household items. And if you think a bit outside the box, you can actually save quite a few bucks. Just be sure to do a proper wrapping that makes your present more eye-catchy and attractive. Ciao!

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