How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster? 7 Ways To Try Out Today!

Expert skaters can tell if their cruiser skateboard wheels are losing momentum, and they know how to go about the issue. But as a beginner skateboard rider, you may want to know how to make skateboard wheels faster.  After all, you yearn for more speed when you start riding regularly.

When your skateboard wheels begin to slow down, the solution is not to get a new board. There are several ways to enhance the performance of your existing skateboard wheels and bearings. I will enumerate the most crucial ones in this article.

So, without further ado, let’s figure out how skateboard wheels affect speed and how you can make it go even faster.

Do Skateboard Wheels Affect Speed?

Yes, skateboard wheels can affect your riding speed. The shape, size, and texture of board wheels can determine their overall performance. To ride faster, get a skateboard with hard wheels. These will help you learn how to balance your body while keeping you safe.

Do Skateboard Wheels Affect Speed

As an expert, you can securely ride a skateboard with narrow wheels. These do not touch the ground fully and can be less stable at higher speeds. Soft skateboard wheels are ideal for rough terrains and tracks. They offer adequate grip but less speed to promote skateboarding for transportation.

Be aware that power slides and reverts can cause flat spots on your wheels. You deserve hardwearing skateboard wheels. So, check the skateboard wheel’s hardness as you shop for the best item.

How To Make Skateboard Wheels Faster?

Slower wheels can run faster if you try and fix them. Once you learn how to fix rusty skateboard wheels, you can skate faster. But how can you do that?

Here are some easy ways you can fix rusty skateboard wheels.

How To Make Skateboard Wheels Faster

1. Loose the Axle Nuts

How tight your wheel axle nuts are affects how fast the skateboard will go. If the axle nuts on the board are too tight, it will be harder to ride. You will exert more energy to push the wheels, which will affect the ride quality. When the plan is to make the wheels roll faster, loosen the axle nuts slightly.

However, if you plan to perform some power jumps as you move, make your nuts tighter to enhance braking.

2. Get Larger Board Wheels

A big wheel skateboard can be the best choice if you need to move faster. Larger wheels have a bigger circumference and radius and travel far than smaller wheels. Larger wheels are fast and make the best solution for your needs. Although there is a bit of physics involved, the point we are emphasizing is that bigger and taller wheels offer higher speeds.

When selecting these, check among the best longboarding skate wheels. A wheel as tall as 75mm is the best pick. You can find heavy-duty fast-rolling urethane skate wheels from the Seismic Alpha, Powell-Peralta G-Bones, or Orangutang collections.

Note that bigger wheels require more energy to push. However, they cover a longer distance when they roll.

Skateboard Wheel & Bearing Materials

3. Buy Hard Wearing Wheels

There is no need to replace the whole skateboard to gain faster speeds. Instead, get new high-quality wheels made of premium materials. Top-quality wheels will roll faster but will cost you more money. When buying, focus on urethane board wheels because they are durable. Again, these wheels do not compress inward because urethane is a solid material. As a result, they roll and turn fast.

So, do you have high-quality or low-quality skater wheels?

If your wheels have poor quality, you may have noted that they are saggy and less bouncy. As a result, they spin slowly and are a big disappointment. These wheels need a quick replacement if you aim to roll much faster. Only high-quality urethane wheels are worth your time and money. Their rebound is above par, and their speed is admirable.

High-quality urethane wheels will last longer too. Low-quality construction materials produce soft, deflated, and low-quality skateboard wheels. As a long-distance skater or a downhill skater, get premium urethane wheels.

4. Harder Wheels Offer More Speed

When searching for the best skateboard wheels, focus on texture. Harder wheels are not sponge-like and will squash less against the ground. Thus, they will absorb less energy and turn faster than soft wheels. Sadly, harder wheels will be noisier than softer wheels. For that reason, you must choose riding surfaces carefully.

5. Riding Style And Terrain

Do you ride your skateboard on rugged terrains? To travel swiftly, avoid rough roads because they have potholes and bumps that can decelerate your board. Even if the bumps are short, you need more energy to climb them up and down. This riding style can slow you down.

To ride smoothly on rough terrains, buy bigger and larger wheels. They will make your ride more comfortable and smooth. Otherwise, choose smooth and steep roads to increase your riding speeds.

Are Your Wheel Bearings Dirty Or Faulty?

When considering how to make skateboard wheels faster, consider the status of the bearings. If you have maintained them well, they will not generate slow speeds. But, if your wheel bearings get dirty, they will roll slowly and unevenly.

Dirty skateboard wheels trap more heat, which accelerates wear and tear. The best thing is to learn how to clean wheel bearings on a skateboard.


Once you clean the bearings, lubricate them to reduce friction and increase speed. When riding a clean and well-lubricated skateboard, you can use less energy and enjoy a faster ride. The spacers between the bearings in the middle of the wheel can affect speed. Their role is to prevent the bearings from breaking. Before removing these to increase speed, make sure your bearings have excellent quality. Once you remove the spacers, you might notice a speed boost soon after.

1. Replace Your Bearings

The best quality bearings are ceramic ones. They are smooth, produce less friction, cool quickly, and do not break easily. Hence, choose the durable and dirt-resistant ceramic bearings instead of the metal ones. If you choose metal bearings, you will be at a disadvantage because they may produce more friction and take longer to cool.

You will know that your bearings have become useless if cleaning and lubricating them is not doing anything to improve speed. When you realize that, take the chance to replace them with new ones.

2. Readjust Your Riding Style

The reason why your skateboard wheels feel slower could have nothing to do with their mechanics. It could be your riding style. If you move from side to side often when riding, that can reduce the highest speed you can achieve. A straighter riding style is the best for faster riding speeds while transporting.

Experts also suggest that you get more aerodynamic. But how can you make your body aerodynamic to prevent the air from slowing you down? You can reduce your surface area by bending over at your hip. The riding style (tuck) will help you cut through the air without slowing down. Tuck can increase your rolling speed to 50mph from a mere 30mph.

Tips For Maintaining Skateboard Wheels

To know how to make skateboard wheels faster, check the following maintenance tips. You can clean, replace, and rotate your wheels regularly.

Tips For Maintaining Skateboard Wheels

  • When to Replace Board Wheels

People often wonder how regularly they should replace their spitfire wheels. The answer can vary based on your riding style and how often you ride. The more you ride, the faster the wheels will erode. They will age faster and develop flat spots if you choose rough terrains.

As skate wheels wear down, their diameter reduces. In due time, they lose their bounce and affect the performance of the bearings. If you notice all these symptoms, get new wheels.

  • Rotate the Wheels

If your longboard wheels do not require a replacement now, you should rotate them often. Constant spinning can increase their life and ensure they age gracefully. So, remove the wheels and spin them. When you spin in an X pattern, the left wheel will become the right wheel, and the right wheel your left.

  • Clean the Bearings

It is easy to clean the bearings of your skateboard. But how do you clean skateboard wheels? First remove the wheels, the bearings, and the bearing shield. Next, soak all these items in a non-water-based bearings solvent for ten minutes. Scrub to remove dirt, dry with compressed air, and lubricate them with high-quality lubricating oil.


Learning how to make skateboard wheels faster is easy, as you can see. You do not need unique skills to fix your skateboard. If the wheels and their components are faulty, the best thing is to replace them. If the bearings are dirty, clean them to make your wheels run faster. Remember to rotate your wheels often, and to ride on safe surfaces to prolong their life.

If you must ride on rough grounds, get bigger and taller wheels. They will make any bumpy ride smoother and more comfortable. Keep training, no matter how long it takes to learn skateboarding. And then improve your aerodynamics as it is one way to make skateboard wheels go faster.

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